I am looking for holiday accommodation that would be suitable for my husband who is confined to a wheelchair and can do nothing for himself needs hoists and hospital style bed.He has had PD for 8 years and it is only the last 2 years that he has been unable to stand.Preferable a hotel so that I can at least have break from cooking, We are booked to go away shortly to Vitalise care centre which I hope will be successful, but that is the only place I have been to find.The south of England would also preferable as he finds travelling in a wheelchair not very comfortable. Hope someone can help

I believe some of the more up-market cruise lines sailing out of Southampton have very good disabled facilities. I think they sail to the USA, Canada, Scandinavia, the Med, the Canaries, etc.

Eurostar allow wheelchair users to travel in first class (business) carriage with free meal and glass of wine to Paris, as well as for the main carer. It's £69 return whenever you book and if you can't make it you don't get charged, you can even go on the next trip out if you miss the train.

PM me if you want a good hotel in Paris. August is cheapest.
Try doing a search for disabled friendly holiday cottages. When we have been looking for a holiday cottage I have come across them. Some have the winch you need plus can offer care staff to help you has well.
This is one site.