How fast can PD progress?

Hi all as some of you may have seen in my previous posts my PD has progressed quite quickly in the last 3 months to the extent it really affected my walking which is practically none existing when off. 

I take my meds they kick in after 30mins then last 2hrs... Then I have to wait 1hr before my next which is a long time to be off when you are practically bed/chair bound. 

Just how fast can PD progress? Because I am worried that it's going to quickly... I was only dxed less than 2 years ago. 

Very fast for me mine was very aggressive but everyone are different. Have you ask your pd nurse about entacpone add on drug too make your on time last longer,there is a new drug take one tablet a day have a chat pd nurse

Thanksfor th reply

I am currently on 5 x 100mg Stalevo per day and 1 rasalagine 1mg a day.

Did yours effect your walking? I can bawalk when of2f.

Ddxed at 35 now 37.