Husband just been diagnosed, hoping to find hope on here


  Hello Triplet and wellcome.

                           When I read your first post I must confess my eyes filled with tears, isnt Nature wonderfull , I was consumed with sadness for you both, your dear husband suffering a combination of the worst most destructive most vicious  horrible items which old Mama Nature cam draw from her Arsenal, I too have prostate cancer, but it  was picked up early and is bein held in  check with quarterly implants,I CANT EMEMBER THE  NAME, but they are some kind of hormone suppressant which  halts Testosteron


production,which in turn halts but does not eliminate the cancer,however the beast is caged TLTS, and thats how I hope it will stay, I cant have CHEMO as I WOULD HAVE TO LOSE MY DUODOPA WHILE THE CHEMO WAS ADMINISTERED, that would leave me with only the abilty to blink, as a percentage of loss  of faculties , oh about 0.0867 so total shutdown then, not a option, Radiotherapy was also ruled out as only listen to CLASSIC, RADIO 4, AND, SMOOTHRADIO, sorry I appologise, TLTS, I just cant resist being silly I was even  being silly as they wheeled me down to the THEATRE WHILE IN AGONY FOR THE EMERGENCY REMOVAL OF MY GALL BLADDER, INSISTING THEY TOOK ME  TO THE CINEMA INSTEAD, the TEAM were all  booted and suited, and the pre op injection had totally relaxed me, but also removed the few remaining inhibitions from old FEDs inhibitions dept, I cant remember obviously but remarks such as,, allegedly   " I can see the moon in your eyes ", and you wont bu???r this up will you as I will haunt you", I bet they were delighted when they got to the can you count up to 10 Mr Fed, so they could have some peace and quiet , as I was saying I could not have Radiotherapy as whenever I encounter stress of any kind It fires up violent Dyskinesia,not good ,so I have the implants.

                                           END OF 1



                                  PART TWO


    Sorry about the gap in part one and moving to part two its the only way I can make sure I can escape the missing posts syndrome, which is a nuisance.  As I read through your post I was delighted to read the good news you must be so relieved now you can fight parky and put  him back  in his cage also, I hope all good things for you both in this new year,  I   must go now hutting down


          BEST WISHES        FED

Hi triplet all advise given is good and sound.just One other thing give it time both been through extremely Difficult period for the past few months a level of acceptance needs to take place now & given time It will You both are essentially going through a grieving process together pre-Parkinson and post Parkinson is always extremely difficult to handle at first Once your husband get use to his medications then things start to progress not with the condition with your own life and his life, study would be good to help understand what he can Do to help to Manage his condition better. Books available on this website can help you both understand what is going on What treatments are available and how they work.also use the support line on this website They are very helpful And can Guide you through this diagnosis.also  doctors don't always get it right. Choose two doctors One being your main GP Number Two being a backup Use number two when number one is not available. Lastly don't let the bastards get you down, BB xx