Hypersexuality and Mirapexin

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 Thank you Glenchass,

I do hope all the newer pwp's keep positive but also read and hear of older pwp's and families problems in order to get change and better care to manage their lives.

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The stories I am reading makes me very sad and angry,I was given Madopar   and cabergoline  the latter now withdrawn, it had a horrifying effect, which was fun at first, but eventually I was virtually raping my wife, I would not accept no for a answer, luckily my exellent Consultant removed the cabergoline and gave me entacapone which really prevented a tragedy as things were out of control, now I have Duodopa and the constant feed of  dopamein has in a very insignificant way caused ocb to return but its easy to control now, it  must be said that all the medicines dealing with PD will have some effect to a  lesser or greater degree and everyone can react I a vastly different way to the same drug, I was never warned about it so please do take care and look out for the signs of personality change OR THERE WILL BE,,,,,,,TROUBLE.


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My wife has just read this thread , especially the hypersexuality bit, and wants to know how we can get hold of some of these drugs?????


Seriously, these drugs do affect different people in different ways, and I take 14 mg of Requip XL and 300 mg of Madopar each day, with none of the problem side effects, as confirmed by my wife. I / we were warned of the potential side effects right at the beginning and are questioned on the subject every time we see the specialist, so I consider that we are well looked after in this respect.

The wife keeps a close eye on things and will intervene if I start reacting badly to these drugs, and at my suggestion, all financials are in her name - just in case............................................






Hi Everyone,

That's good news for you Mike as you will be spared some of the very difficult events that have happened to some pwp's. I have always kept on the ball with my husbands treatment which was fine when he was at home as our Consultant encouraged spouses involvement and I managed all his medication including the apo pump for over the last 15 years, the problem has got much worse in the care home as I have very little control and the GP thinks he knows best, but in fact he has caused more problems for my husband by changing a couple of drugs without anyone bothering to tell me which had they done so everyone would have be spared a lot of problems most of all my husband.

My husband is going to have an operation shortly which I believe he need not have to have had they given him his medication properly. The surgeons were very reluctant to do this op because of his frail health but now we have no option as he has been to A&E a few times and an op that way is not good at all.

My husband is amazing really so I think he will come through this, we shall see.

Keep busy and enjoy your lives as much as you can and Keep your fingers on the pulse at all times.

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Hi Vivian,

Hope all goes well for you both!

I hate Parkinson's.

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Hello Maisie

Have only just joined the forum and was interested in your letter.  Has the situation improved?  My partner has just had to change medication because of hypersexuality and I am worried he may just be consciously suppressing any desires and that the problem may recur.  It has been an awful couple of years - I, too, was made to feel guilty for not being interested physically.  The more he pushed me the more I pulled away.

Lucky it came to light when it did or don't know where it might have ended

My experience was by stopping the Dopamine Agonist fairly quickly my hypersexuality problems went away.  I don't think your partner is surpressing his desires because when the drug is in control it is impossible to do so.  I also wouldn't expect the problem to come back.  I have taken sinemet successfully for 20 years (with a few other drugs along the way) and I still believe sinemet and madopar are the best PD drugs out there.  Yes, they do take some managing, but you are in control.

I too was affected by hypersexuality when on Reqiup and consequently was taken off of them and given Madopar in its place. (Madopar got rid of the tremor too !!)

I don't know about other people's experiences but even though I have come off the requip I still have an increased interest in sex. It is not the all consuming, I need to do it and i need to do it now! but it is most definitely there.



Levadopa, ie madopar and sinemet can cause the compulsions too I think, but to a much lesser degree!

Hi. I was on Ropinirole for 3 and a half years and it has caused me more devastation than the disease itself. On prescribing me Ropinirole, my specialist told me that it might heighten my interest in pornography. If only it had been that simple. I slept walked into a land of prostitution, cybersex and destructive relationships that left me with a ruinous financial legacy that is has lost me my property and is still going to take me some time to shake off. I don't want to pass the buck when it comes to individual responsibility but I find it staggering that there is such a dearth of information and meaningful support when it comes to the initial prescription and the ongoing management of this drug. It's very interesting to hear of others' experiences but why are we still putting up with this?

I have to agree with Caroline, i take Madopar  and although i do not suffer with hypersexuality in the respect that it is compulsive but there is definately more of a interest in sex

Yes I to agree I am on Madopar & Pramipexole my sex drive has definitely gone up. I don't mind but its my husband who has the issue. Before my life changed with this it was months before I had any interest now its everyday. So I agree with the statement made to change your Nero,

yours sounds like a moron.


Good luck and best wishes. BB xx


Just read about you writing your novels....does it work? i am getting to that stage i think where i need  to find a way of how shall i put it,,,controling my urges

Hi everyonr, hells bells my sex drive has gone up yes but not to extent you are all talking about. I wish you all well stay nice & happy. But most of all DO NOT GET STRESSED THST IS THE WORS THING FOR PWP.

Totally agree i have more of a interest in sex but definitely not excessive  and nothing i cant manage

My best wishes to you all I must be really lucky in some strange way as my dr's in Lincoln are fantastic. And I am very careful in regards to Dr's as they dont always get it right. Maybe you all should move to lincoln then we all can have fantastic drs.


           Hello all

                    So where do I  turn to , I find myself in the situation of experiencing ever stronger feelings and desires for my wife which presented us with a pleasant  but frustrating (for me) event a few weeks ago, bear in mind we have not slept in the same room never mind the same bed for over five years, then it was almost as if we had been  transported back 35 yrs, I had made joking but serious remarks that day about her body and her lovely face, when she smiles its like the sun  coming out after  a long dark night, she is so very beautiful,  we have been together  33yrs then about 5 yrs ago I  diagnosed with prostate cancer and the only treatment open to me was hormone implants under my skin,these had the effect of making my arms and legs as smooth as the day Iwas born and my chest, it also removed any remaining sexual thoughts and desires which had all but been eradicated bythe cocktail of drugs I was taking at that time, we eventually began sleeping in different rooms as I often had horrific night terrors and often my wife was in the line of  fire and so we became friends no longer lovers we didnt make any attempt to prevent what was happening in fact it was a blessed relief as I  was hypersexual and ocb  to the highest degree,  I began to treat my Lady as a sex object, that was a dangerous time as It was killing our  marriage, the ocb was me unable to pass a model shop without buying anything  from 25-45£  up to very large scale helicopters and aircraft, I even ordered some specialist choppers with on board cameras, which were stolen,by then I was spendingat least £150 a month,  these implants killed off all these unwanted urges virtually overnight, untill  about 6weeks back I began to notice how curvy my wife was, I just ignored the feeling but  not for long,as  I began to need her passionately, not suprisingly the feelings were not reciprocated , after so long my wife was simply not interested  ,then that night 3wks ago everything clicked, and the desire was obvious, but unfortunately in my case, total failure and I mean total,  beloved was not too dissapointed,  but I was,and I cannot stop the implants which are causing my problems or I will die , so I want  my wife, she is indifferent, I  have desire but cannot convert it into positive results, then of course there is the Duodopa system pumping  Levadopa and Carbidopa,into my system all day I only take Madopar capsules beefore bed and through the night, its a bit of a struggle at times but without  Ddpa,I would be crippled, and Its  Ddpa,influencing my increasingly  powerful desires, whichI cant  use,so I  cant stop the implants or I will die and I cant stop the Ddpa or I might as well be dead,,,,,,,,,,decisions decisionsangry

                             Isnt parky wonderful, its almost exquisitly cruel

                                            Kindest Regards      FED

Hi fedexlike,

Is there not any help available to you and your lovley lady not just therapy wise but also in medication form. I know a friends hubby has some special pills that do really work.

Kindest regards BB.

Hi. my family and i are going through the most horrific series of events as a result of some devastating behaviour that my dad was doing a few years ago when he was on high doses of madopar. he was suffering with gambling and punding and we have since found out hypersexuality. i am absolutely astounded that the appropriate medical risk assessments were not carried out when he was on such a dangerous drug. he was put onto a different drug regime which gave us back our "old dad" but by that point the damage had already been done while he was on madopar and he is now facing a prison sentence. i have come on here today feeling desperate and wondering how many more people have been through the same thing. this is such a taboo and hidden subject and so so difficult to raise awareness for. I see you posted this in 2013 so you may no longer be logging onto this forum anymore but I am grateful for your post. it is a very difficult time for us and i find some comfort in knowing that we are not alone in this. thank you