Hi, this is my 1st posting. My husband was diagnosed with PD in 2011 aged 68. He has problems with 'downtimes' when his Madopar wears off. Has anyone tried Hypnotherapy to help with this problem?

JKM2V hi,

I am 67 and also on Madopar. (Diagnosed in 2012). I went for my first session of hypnotherapy last week. Hadn't a clue what to expect and rather sceptical. After chatting about various issues in my life, including the Parkinson's, the lady hypnotherapist asked me to get comfortable on a couch and then spoke in a low, soft voice. I listened and settled into a relaxed state, fully conscious all the time. Not sure if it did any good, but when I opened my eyes, I could feel tears running down my cheeks! She recorded the session, of her speaking and sent it to me later, so that I can listen to it again anytime. Going back in a fortnight, so will keep you posted.


Thanks for that Twinks, I will be very interested to hear how you next session goes. My interest started when I read an article from a lady in Canada saying how much she had been helped by Hypnotherapy, it had given her a 'trigger' to use when she experience off periods during which she was barely able to move. This is exactly how my husband is, he doesn't have a tremor at all just 'off periods' which vary from 10 minutes to 2-3 hours. He is a very active person so finds this very frustrating.

Hi Twinks

Very interested to read how this goes for you. Hypnosis is the only thing left that I haven't tried

Did you have a general aim or specific issue? Sorry if you don't want to say here

For me, I reckon anxiety inhibits my mobility, plus an embedded anti-freeze trigger would be brilliant.


Had 2 sessions of hypnotherapy now, but to just relieve the stress in my life at the moment. Interested to hear about the lady in Canada who found it helped her Parkinson's. Will mention this next time I go. I'm finding it very relaxing and therapeutic, if somewhat expensive! At least she sends me the tapes of her voice, so I can listen to them again, any time I want.


Hi Twinks, pleased your 2nd session went well. Regarding the lady in Canada I mentioned, I found her video by entering Hypnotherapy and Parkinson's into Google, I scrolled down to her posting / video dated 2 Jun 2015, you should find it if you do the same, the link showed as follows :- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgHngMIZnTk hope that helps. If I find anything else interesting I will let you know. Have you by chance tried Reflexology?

Hi JKM2V,  no haven't tried Reflexology yet! Many thanks for the link....will check it out. Have dabbled a bit with Mindfulness, but need to study it in more depth. Considering 'Tapping' as well. Keeping positive, active and informed, is the key.


Went for my third session of hypnotherapy yesterday and asked her to concentrate on my Parkinson's and ways of coping. I deliberately went when my meds. were not working properly and I was in an 'off' state. I had pain in my right shoulder, aching muscles in my legs, tightness in my stomach and generally tense all over. The hypnotherapist put me into a state of deep relaxation and in fact I nodded off half way through, but she said that was OK. When she woke me up, all the pain had gone and I felt relaxed. It was a very powerful experience. I listened to the tape, of her words, again last night.......keeping awake this time, to hear what I'd missed in the session. Must confess, I had the best night's sleep I've had in ages. Going for one more session in 3 weeks time, when she's going to give me a 'trigger' technique for dealing with my Parkinson's, so that I'm in control of IT and not the other way round! I've also been able to reduce my meds. quite considerably, since seeing her. Just shows what a huge effect the mind has on all our illnesses. Hope you find this interesting.


Hi Twinks

Certainly do!  Great news that it has worked for you so well.

I have sent an email to a local hypnotherapist, who uses solution focused techniques, outlining my mobility difficulties. Awaiting response.

Please post after your trigger is implanted.


Hi Twinks. 

That's amazing results. I'll be keeping an eye on your progress. 

That is VERY interesting indeed. I will begin researching Hypnothera[ists in our area and see what I cane come up with. I started my husband on Mucuna Pruriens yesterday, another idea I believe I got from one of your earlier postings, will let you know how it goes.

Hello Twinks,

I read this post with interest, and wonder whether my mum would benefit from hypnotherapy also. She has Pd and is suffering a lot in her 'off' times. I am wondering if all hynotherapists are as good as yours, because it seems to have worked well for you. Can I ask who you saw, if you are in England?

We have tried many things, but nothing so far has helped her, and we are getting desperate. She says she can't carry on like this - her main complaint is an unbearable internal tremor. It is also affecting her blood pressure which elevates hugely when she she is 'off'. Her specialist is out of ideas, his only next step is for her to go on MAOIs.

Thank you for listening, hope to hear from you soon -

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Sorry to hear that your Mum is suffering so much. I don't know if hypnotherapy will help her, but it has certainly taught me how to relax and be more in control of my symptoms and emotions. I went for my last session on Friday and the hypnotherapist used a butterfly as a 'trigger' to make my Parkinson's more bearable. I can't really go into detail, as it was fairly complex. She also gave me a 5 minute meditation exercise to follow, which she suggested I do regularly. I live in South Yorkshire, where my hypnotherapist practices, but I'm sure there must be others around the country, who are equally as good. I suggest you do some research on Google, if you are interested in finding someone for your Mum. Make sure they record the sessions and send them to you afterwards, as I often listen to them again and again. I must add that this clinical hypnotherapy is nothing like the shows you see, performed for entertainment, on TV!! Good luck with your efforts to make your Mum more comfortable. You don't mention which medication she's on, but perhaps this also needs reviewing? All the best.


Hi Twinks

i found your posts about your hypnotherapy very interesting to read.


Thanks for sharing.

Barbara x

Thank you Barbara.