I don't know what to do

Morning all

I was diagnosed at 38, now 43. So far I have just been taking Azilect (1mg) and Citalopram (10mg) for anxiety.

My problem.....my dystonia in my feet is getting worse, so painful to walk sometimes, but that only affects me.

My husband was up before 5am today as I'd woken him again thrashing and moving about the bed (I didn't know I was even doing it).

I probably need to start to take more meds, but am terrified. I suffer from OCD tendencies anyway...moving things around, spending too much (hubbie now looks after the banking), rearranging things over and over.

What can I take that won't send me further down that path......my PD Nurse is fully aware and says I need to steer clear of the dodgy drugs, but where next?

Seeing the neuro at the end of the month - he will just say more meds, but which ones.

So sad today as my PD is now affecting other people.:cry:
hiya seabreeze,welcome to the forum.im ali im 43 had pd 12 years.im so sorry you having a bad time with meds and dysonia.its a tricky one really,i would say try sinemet,but there be people who may disagree with me,ino you dont wont meds and yes your rite the neuro will surgest a different med till he gets it rite,unfortunally we are the gunia pigs trying each med out till they get it rite for us.i no that may sound negative,but its the truth.when you see the neuro i really do hope he gives you a beter nswer,and you get some comfort from your pd nurse as well.good luck and please keep in touch with us all.i also do hope that members who read your post may have answer for you x:smile:
HI Seabreeze, Please don't worry because if your neuro and PD nurse know about your OCD tendencies, then they will know what meds to give you and what meds not to give you. I can assure you there are plenty of meds which you can take without affecting anything else. I have always found with the PD nurse I see it is my decision as to wether I want to take a certain drug,or, not. On and off over the 40 years I have had PD i have , on occasion had problems with anxiety. At present I take Madapor for this problem, but it only a low dose. However, as I said I am sure your PD nurse or neuro will be able to prescribe a drug which will suit your needs.
Also, if you mention any other problems you may have concerning your PD do mention these to your neuro or PD nurse when you next visit them.