If you need a laugh (or cry)

Watch ....Benefit Britain:Life on the dole....chanel 5.

having applied for PIP and delighted to have been awarded the living element only, this programme brought me to tears.

I watched it and my views are that theses types of programs set out to demonise people who have to for one reason or another have to rely on the benefits system , every other word that come out of the presenters mouth was how the people were living in there benefits  home , they deliberatley set out to give people the wrong impression of people on benefits ,the guy who went out every day to buy his alcohol and the lady and her friend going out getting tattoos and then celebrating because they got there bedroom tax arrears squashed or something among those lines 

I was totally shocked that the guy st and admitted on camera that they had to give up there house so he strangled all his pidgeons

I watched one episode i did not watch it agaoin