I'm gutted


Sorry to read of your problems getting esa

When I filled out the form there was a section if I remember rightly were you could submit further information

I made it quite clear that I was medically retired and could no longer work my company described to me I was leaving employment due to not being able to carry out my duties as per contract.

Now I get to the most important part gutted

You have been medically retired and you state that are receiving a pension thats all you need to claim esa for the following reason

by being medically retired and being granted an early pension there saying you are unfit to work at all in any capacity so you cant get refused ESA and forgive the capitals  THE CONDITION YOU SUFFER FROM RESULTING IN MEDICAL RETIREMENT MEANS I CANT WORK AT ALL IN ANY CAPACITY

And thats what I wrote on my on My ESA form so i satisfied the all work test

They cannot argue with facts as by refusing you ESA there saying you can work but you cant as you have been medically retired and receive a pension it really is that straight forward .You are incapable of any work at all as you get your pension and the pension trustees would not grant a pension if you could go back to work either in your old job or any other employment at all sorry to have gone on a bit here but the DWP cannot argue with facts ..........good luck Gutted............Paul