Hi there Tommy Roy and Peter and Mam. Hoping that you are all well.
I am sitting in my hospital room looking out ofthe window at the rain :umbrella: pouring down. Whit a day eh?
My blood markers on the infection are slowly improving. But. They are now trying to say that the new antibiotics are causing me to be mixed up this is the staff nurse saying this after an argument about my PD. I am so angry but there is absolutely nothing I can do.
When I awoke this morning she came into my room and said. Are you still feeling mixed up this morning. I replied no as I have never been mixed up.
I think I cried every tear :cry: I had last night.

I just don’t know how to cope and I’m going to be here for a long time yet.

A Very Unhappy :unamused: musketeer.
Babs. X

Hi Babswood
I’m really sorry to hear that you are so sad.
Would you like me to sack the staff nurse for you? as I am quite good at it, a nurse would be a doddle compared to a neurologist eh?
Seriously though if you want a wee blether whatever the time of day I’ll be on the other end of your phone and that really does include during my class tomorrow I will take your call.
Remember you are a musketeer and a Jock and not even a staff nurse in Mike Myers hospital should get you down.
Saturdays show is now on mix cloud and you’re request says it all.
Thinking of you.
Tommy, Sue and Sammy :pill::pill::pill:

Hi babs can you get moved or to another ward Don, t let them bully you if you are not happy try your local community health Council it’s free I used them for dad when I hit problems please try and stay positive don’t suffer on your own ring me anytime we are both thinking of you
Pete and mam

A big thanks to Tommy Peter and Mam.
I have sent you both a PM. Which I am in the throws of writing. X

Hi babs how are you feeling today hopefully better I know it’s hard but keep fighting I know you will overcome whatever they throw at you love from mam and me
Pete and mam YNWA x

Good morning Babswood
I hope you are a little better today.
Hang on in there pal.
Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:

Looks like Sammy has found a cool place to snooze.

Brilliant EH?

Do you like that picture Babswood?
Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:

Hi Tommy babs mentioned sending a pm to us did you get one as I can, t find one whoever said animals are stupid didn’t know what they were talking about hope you, Sue and Sammy are well weather playing havoc with my war wounds that, s rugby injuries for the record
Pete and mam YNWA

Hi Peter and Mam
No I didn’t get a pm either.
Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:

Good morning all Musketeers
Especially Babswood I hope you are well and of course a very Happy Birthday :birthday: to my favourite girl.
Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:

Hi Tommy, babs your fav girl says thank you so much for the birthday message we are all stuffed went somewhere new for lunch really impressed mam and sister had cod and scampi could, nt eat fish myself so I had liver and onions followed by chocolate fudge cake feel like a spcehopper
Pete and mam

Hi Tommy, babs, Roy and Lesley and all missing members another glorious day here mam has appointment in copd clinic hope everyone is well will post something on parkinsons poetry thread later for dad’s birthday if you are interested regards to all from mam and me

HiPeter. Sorry notbeen in touchmuch wifinot been too good andThats why i had to messageyou.
Glad to hear thatMam had a good birthday give her my love. Still inhospital.


Hi Tommy a big thanks for keeping in touch with me while i am in hospital.

Babs x

Good morning all
Mam I hope you get on OK at the clinic, I too bow to the benefit of salbutamol (ventolin).
And Babswood I hope you are are managing to take it one step at a time and not let anyone get you down.
Enjoy the weather everyone.
Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:

Hello all, apologies for my absence but with Lesley away with her daughter (I wasn’t even invited!) some of her grandparenting duties fall to me + I’ve had a house guest as well (cousins daughter had an internship in town so stopped with me for a fortnight).

So sorry to hear you’re still not too good Babs x. How are you Tommy? (& what’s Keith doing in Ireland??). How’s my music loving bud Peter & how’s Mam (& the fish??).

Lesley’s back Wednesday evening so then normal service should be resumed.

My & Lesleys best wishes to one and all!

Hi Roy
I’m just the same as usual but I have to perform my camera swallowing act again next Tuesday and I’m still attending my (one flew over) classes though only 3 more to go.
Hope you enjoyed listening to the record store guy.
I was impressed that he even has his own label and thought that the Norwegian band was pretty good although I have forgotten their name and the shop owner as well.
Never mind eh?
Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:

Hi Roy, Tommy and babs turned up at 10am for 10.30 appointment with mam and at 11.15 I asked how much longer and was told appointment was 12.45 at which point we walked out and came home this is 3rd time it, s happened and our surgery is one of best in area lol we both have decided only to attend when it, s emergency fish are okay so far I, m in pd clinic tomorrow pm only music I, ve listened to lately was best of stevie windward forgotten how good traffic were hope you will be home soon babs
Pete and mam