Hi Roy

I hope that Lesley has a fabulous time away.

Babs x x x


Hi Tommy

Hoping that all is well with you. X


Hi Babswood
I’m in mount Florida waiting for Lesley .
I’m afraid I’m not very good at geography. LOL
Roy . I’ll let Babswood explain the joke.
Lesley have a fantastic time.
Peter and Mam hope you are well.
Kieth where’s my picture of your new transport.
Mrs t I love the new statue .
Tommy :pill: X


Thanks Babs x


She’ll be the one in the cardigan, even though it’s 80 degrees (she bought one today so she MUST wear it!)

Cheers Tommy


Hi Roy and Lesley
Mount Florida is the name of an area on the edge of Glasgow.
As is mount Vernon and Dollar.
Tommy X :pill:


Ah ok Tommy.

How’s your back old chap?


I’m taking more codeine than there is in a codeinery LOL
I’m in my cot at 7 every night and up about 1 am after some crazy shouting and lashing out dreams .
I’m a danger at the moment.
Also I checked my patients access app and saw that my cervical x-ray was back so I phoned the surgery and they won’t give me the result till a doctor has read it.


Evenin’ all,

have been glad people on mend
one daughter requires eye surgery
broken back? impressive
florida? impressive
some messages missing
not impressed
just discovered jack reacher
well impressive


Uploading… Uploading… Uploading…


My new bike. All electric . Easy to ride



Hi Keith looks good what documents do you need for the road good to have you back on the forum


now that’s impressive Keith


Hi Roy

How’s you. Did Lesley get away OK.?


Hi Peter Keith and Tommy

Hope all OK with you.

It is pouring down here


Hi babs stopped raining here your turn now Hospital rung today mam having ct scan tomorrow pm got to ring consultant secretary 1 wk after scan hope you and Phil are well will begin restocking tank next week one more dose of treatment to go mam sends her love
Pete and mam


Joints are very clicky today Babs, don’t think weather helps. Les is at hotel at Gatwick as we speak, she flies in the morning.

Hiya Pete, Tommy, Keith & Mrs T :slight_smile:


Hi Roy guessing you are going to be blowing dust off your vynals
Pete and mam


Got a copy of ‘War of the worlds’ for Xmas, second hand though so I’ll have to put it through record cleaner, thought I might give that a listen tomorrow :slight_smile: