Hi everyone
I had my cervical x-ray results today and my neck is still in one piece .yeahh!

However now that has been ruled out I haven’t heard from the GP what they intend to do about the symptoms that lead to the x-ray in the first place.
Tommy :pill::pill:


Morning Tommy, babs, Keith, Mrs T, Roy and Lesley wet and windy here sounds like a good name for a curry off to hospital with mam later and then wait to hear from consultant last treatment to tank shortly and do homework for a restock next week hope all is well with everyone


Afternoon Pete, hope your Mum gets on ok at the hospital.

Hello everybody else. Les has taken off ok and is currently somewhere over the Atlantic.



Hi Peter

How did Mam get on today.? I’m hoping that all is well with you both.

Really windy and cold here today.

Thinking of you.


Hi Roy so that’s Lesley on. Her way.

I hope that she has left you plenty of jobs to do to keep you busy.

It must feel strange at first when she is away. Why did you not go too?

Any keep yourself busy and she will be back before you know it.


Hi Tommy how are you feeling today.

How is Sue too hope that she is keeping better and that you are both getting out.

Will have a blether when yer back on the forum.

Babs x


Got some tip runs to do, her daughter had a new sink & worktop in her kitchen and I’ve got the old one to dispose of, also got a bit of decorating to do at my place (couple of the bedrooms need freshening up). My cousin’s down from Edinburgh a couple of times through the month, the second time with his missus (they’re going to a party in London).

I didn’t go with them as her daughter sets quite a relentless pace round the amusement parks & I wasn’t sure whether I’d cope with all the walking/queuing & I like to relax on holiday (not that I don’t do a lot of that anyway lol).


Hi Roy well you are certainly going to be busy.

I know I could never do that kind of holiday as I can hardly stand up for too long?

When we go to Salou this summer with my family I will be lying at the pool while they are at the amusement Park.

Well enjoy your decorating I’m sure the music will be full blast lol.


Hi babs, Tommy, Keith, Mrs T, total time in hospital was just under '12z mins have to ring: consultant,s sec in a Week I, m struggling to stay awake so will catch up with you all later hope everything is OK with you all


Hi Babswood
Hope you and Phil are well.
Me and Sue are slowly but surely getting back to normal.
But unfortunately I keep trying to beat her up when I’m asleep .
If not that then I’m shouting like the old priest in father Ted.
I know it sounds funny but I will be taking to my neurologist about it when I see him as I have no intention of hurting Sue in any form whatsoever.
Tommy X


Hi Peter and Mam
I know you will be tired but I hope everything went well today.

Tommy :pill::pill:


Hi everyone
Does anybody else suffer from really lucid , sometimes violent dreams or am I simply losing the plot.
Honest Tommy :pill::pill::pill:


Hi to be honest Don, t know if it will show anything really needed dye ct but not suitable because of mam kidney problem best option were camera ones but mam said no so we have to wait for appointment regards to you and Sue and of course Sammy your fav girls cutie
Pete and mam


Seems it’s just me with the bad dreams then!
So I must conclude that I’m actually nuts.

I thought it was strange as I went to put the bins out and positioned them under the streetlight and they had a shadow and I didn’t.
Maybe that has done a runner on me too?
Tommy :pill::pill::pill:


No Tommy I’ve never had dreams like that.


Thanks Babswood
I was just putting it out there for discussion .

Maybe I’m a wee bit too up front with my issues but we’ll see.
Tommy X :pill:


Not at all my friend!


At the moment I can, t help you as you need sleep to dream I too have an issue I was making a cup of tea for mam and coffee for myself when my mate walked in so I said tea or coffee he said tea I then went to bread bin when he said I don’t want toast with it thanks and you think your losing the plot!!! I was going to add something else but I forgotten what it was lol


Tommy, yes I have had dreams/nightmares that were so bad I feared going to sleep: they were violent and horrifically detailed.
The answer was melatonin prescribed by my consultant. Only available on prescription it allows you to experience the right kind of sleep. I thoroughly recommend this.

Lesley T.


Thanks Mrs t
I shall look into that as I fear inadvertently causing harm to Sue .
Or indeed having to sleep separately .
Neither of which I have any desire to do.
Thanks for sharing Tommy X