Hi Peter
Tommy asked me to pass this on
He wishes you and your mam
the best of health possible but most of all contentment.


hi babs thanks for passing on tommy,s message i did reply but looks like he never got them if you can teach him please tell him thanks for kind words glad i helped him and wish him all the best from mam and me hope your ok i,ve still not heard from pip or monitor many thanks
Pete x

Hi Peter

How are you and hoping your mum keeping well…


HI Babs mams ok my bp gone thro roof i,m huge liverpool fc fan but serously i,m ok got app next wk with neurologist so i can chase up monitor hope your keeping well sorry to see tommy go thanks for taking time to ask after us

Hi Peter

Any word about this P I P yet?

Yippee it’s Friday!!!
Just love the weekend.
Hoping you and your man are ok hopefully get some sun this weekend.
Babs x

Good morning Babs not heard anything on pip yet will let you know when i do it,s actually raining in this part of wales at moment hope it,s better where you are we,re both ok enjoy your weekend take care
Pete +mam

Hi babswood
I see you have managed to change your icon. you technical Wizard you :pill::pill::pill::crab::crab:

Hi Tommy good to see you back.
Hope you have been keeping well. You certainly have been missed… Now your back how do ì change my picture.?
Speak soon

You have already changed it to your picture what’s wrong with it
I hope you’re feeling better after your op I had a disc op 18 years and the pain was in before that was awful so I have every symptoms with anyone with sciatica :pill::pill::pill::crab::crab:

hi Tommy
great to see your name again
keep your nose clean but that doesnt mean picking it
i think babs pic is nice ,
had real bad shakes earlier
shame no one wanted paint mixing ,
but calmed down a bit although hasnt stopped
never mind , i should be used to it by now

I agree I had no idea Mr Babswood was married to a film star.
I’m in my cot waiting for my meds to kick in and hopefully be snoozing by ten .:pill::pill::syringe::syringe::crab:

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Hi mate see your with us again just to let you know survived pip assessment next one 2028😄

hi bruv
hope sleep is blissfull
i love a good night sleep but just now they are few and far between
no doult i will still be about on here till about 1ish

Welcome back Tommy

Hi Tommy the picture was taket my sons wedding a few months ago don’t particularly like how do you change it. Only put on today so quite apt the day you come back.

I have been in agony for 1yr with my back 2 bulging discs and had to have a disc removed and some bone taken away… I am in the Southern now known as Queen Elizabeth.i was not due to get op until Aug. So had been done as an emergency as southern Dr said if I left it Any longer I would have been paraĺysed.Was very worrying for my family as before going to theatre they discovered my blood was not clotting so they had to send to Glasgow Royal for a blood clotting agent which was frozen and needed 45 mins to defrost.
So thankfully I’ve came through it. Stiĺl sore but as they say I’ve had major surgery so im bound to be sore.Well I bet your thinking I wish I had never asked. You sleeping.zzzzzzźzzź


No babswood you don’t bore me in fact lm happy to chat and be back in the gang :pill::pill::crab::crab:

Cheers Roy
It’s good to be back I missed. the music quiz
I’m sure you are aware of the mental state this PD can get you into I sometimes find myself angry at the slightest of things I don’t think insomnia helps but on the insomnia nights the quiz certainly helps …:pill::pill::pill: Tommy

Hey Bruv
Can’t seem to download the app to my phone
I keep having to do a Google search :pill::pill::pill:

Ooh painful
I’ll bet your leg and foot was painful.i remember physically kicking walls cos of the pain it felt like it was in the middle of the bone and nothing would touch it tramadol or anything
I lost a good job cos I had to wait a year for the op and I was temping 2 weeks after.
I lived in Govan for 37 years so I hope you checked your purse as you left the Southern :pill::pill::pill::crab::crab:

Hi bruv hope sleep came to you
Im battleing it out with Roy on music thread