Intolerance to levodopa


You’re welcome. If you’d been advised to wean off the Sinemet by your doctor, then I’d follow their advice and I’d also get their thoughts on how much alcohol you can consume. Hopefully one beer won’t do any damage! :blush:


Thanks Reah. I really appreciate the advice.


Thank you. I need some positivity at the mo.


Hi Sasha - thought I had replied but can’t find copy of reply so am supposing didn’t do. You asked about patches but I didn’t use them as getting the amount right was trial and error (as is everything) but not adaptable quickly as tablets.
Consultant put me on Selegiline hydrochloride (Zelapar) which dissolves on tongue. So far (3 weeks) no side effects but no noticeable changes either. Sorry if this is repeat info.



Thank you for your message.

I have not logged in for a while, but no thank you so much for this advise as well.

My mum has not tried this medicine as of yet, we are waiting to see a neurologist at Charing Cross hospital.

Let me know if anything changes with this new medicine you’re trying.

Thanks Sasha