Hi everyone, just a quick hello to follow up my initial post earlier this year.
Newly retired paramedic with a bit more time on my hands now . Starting to enjoy my lie-in in the mornings and no more night shifts:smile:!! Missing my colleagues a bit but have a very supportive family. Just gone over to an automatic car and its really made driving much more comfortable for me.
My neurologist recently offered me the option of commencing Levadopa but I wanted time to consider the pros and cons.
Currently on 10mg Ropinirole and 1mg Rasagaline. Any suggestins/reccommendatins?
i can't see why more people dont use automatics but to me they are essential for pwp.
if your neuro has offered you ldopa and you are not content with your current regime i would go for it in preference to more da. it quite different - quicker, very obvious, shorter lasting and wider spectrum. it may however be toxic, but at least you wont gamble your savings away or get arrested. the choice is yours.

ps i feel i have written this before - apologies if repeated.

How does an automatic work if your tremor is right side? can it still help?
hi ferdinhand,welcome to the forum,im ali,been dx for 11 half years,im 43 years old.good surport here,and nice friends to be coming off sinemet at the momment,over a three week period.and then try other meds instead,wots best for me.ithink we all different ferdinhand.there are dopamine agoinist meds,which is mirapexon etc,which i advice you to seek advice about these meds,some people had bad side effects,and some have been ok with them,speak to your neuro,i think that best:smile:
hi caroline,i got pd on rite side,and when i was driving i had just means you dont have a just have a brake and a pedal to make you go faster.which can be done with your left foot.hope this helps:smile: