Is it a natural progression

My wife who is now 72 years old was diagnosed with Frontal Lobe Atrophy almost 5 years ago - since that time her symptoms of dementia have slowly deteriorated.   The Neurologist that we were seeing at the time said that he detected, from his examination signs of P.D.  Her medication at the time was mainly for her FLD. but because of her mood swings and aggressive behaviour she was prescribed Seroquel.  The daily dose was later(six months later) doubled by a Psychiatrist and since that date her PD. symptoms accelerated at a tremendous rate.  Christmas 2013 she was walking several miles with a little assistance at times. By April 2014 she was unable to walk more than a few shuffled steps.   In conjunction with a GP. I withdrew all her medication as In my opinion the rapid lack of mobility was caused by the drug Seroquel.  To get to my point I am asking if it is within anybody's experience that PD. would have such a rapid effect on mobility without the assistance of the drug which has a history of causing Parkinsonism?

hi Ted

please accept my sincere sympathy for the awful situation you are in.'

your wife's medical condition is very complex so it is very difficult to comment. yes, pd is generally slow, but who can say how it develops in conjunction with FLA? Also some cases of 'parkinsonim' ie not normal pd can be very rapid. also anybody who did experience rapid decline wouldnt be able to answer,