Is it me

Hello Fellow PDs
I am sat here slightly tipsy but smoking a lot although I have always liked a drink I have never been a smoker
could this be a side affect of the meds (agonists)
Its driving my lovely O/H insane and Im coffin fit to burst in a morning
My pd nurse says not many people dx with pd are smokers does anybody know or have any similar situations ?:fearful:
Cheers Adrian

Hello Marina, just read your post, I guess my next question must be, what meds are you taking? It sounds to me like it could be a side effect of the meds but until I know what they are and a bit of your pd background information, I cant comment. You certainly don't need to be coughing and spluttering and have pd, it's enough to cope with on it's own!!!

Let me know about the meds and perhaps I can help then? Take care


hi ya marnia,welcome:smile:im ali been dx for 11 years im 42:smile:i agree wit wot glenchass has rote about the meds,it would be very helpful,and hi glenchass to x:smile:i me self have not touched a fag ,in me lfe,but me mom and dad were heavey smokers,both bruvs it hard for me to comment ,i dont no anyone with pd who smokes,,well wot imean ive noever come across this kind of convo to do with smokin,it is intrestin thread marnia,hopfully we shall have some replies soon x:smile:

Hi Adrian

I smoke :grin:

Whilst there are a lot of big negatives ([u]and health risks[/u]) to smoking there is some interesting research on Nicotine

19th November 2011 - New research


Fukuoka Igaku Zasshi [2011] 102 (8) : 254-265 (Kiyohara C, Kusuhara S.) Complete abstract

Movement Disorders [2011] Nov 16 [Epub ahead of print] (Searles Nielsen S, Gallagher LG, Lundin JI, Longstreth WT Jr, Smith-Weller T, Franklin GM, Swanson PD, Checkoway H.) Complete abstract

The risk of developing Parkinson's Disease has been found to be far lower in people that smoke. Current smokers reduce the risk of developing Parkinson's Disease down to 31%. Those people that have ever been smokers reduce the risk down to 55%. Former smokers reduce the risk to 72%. The risk of Parkinson's Disease therefore effectively increases over time if somebody gives up smoking. These results were obtained by assessing all the possible studies concerning smoking and Parkinson's Disease. Even the risk for passive smokers was reduced to only 34%. What the results do not show is whether those people inclined to be smokers are for some reason less likely to develop Parkinson's Disease, or if smoking has an effect on the biochemistry involved in Parkinson's Disease.

Tobacco smoke contains chemicals that are MAO inhibitors. MAO inhibitors are a type of drug (such as Selegiline and Rasagiline) used commonly in Parkinson's Disease. MAO inhibitors affect Parkinson's Disease by maintaining dopamine levels. The main drug in tobacco, which is nicotine, is heavily involved in the activity of acetylcholine, a chemical in the body that affects the activity of dopamine. In order to refer to this article on its own click here.

There is a clinic in France that has been doing research and trials on nicotine patches for the last 10 years

The doctors involved are in the process of patenting their patches specifically for PD treatment

Link to French PD news

Link to initial findings


Thanks everybody for your input
Glenchass Ali my meds are stalevo x2 200mg and 8mg neupro patch in hindsight the
smoking only became prob after I started on the neupro
Cheers Ady:grin:

Hi Marina I found your post very interesting.I had a very strong urge to smoke.I gave into this in the summer and started to smoke just one a day,and they had to be menthol.This went on for a few months I then just stopped,and haven't had one since. Its got to be the meds.

Isn't strange that something as bad as smoking could reduce the possibility of developing PD? I always thought PD was a disease and very illogical! This really confirms it!


I omitted "bizarre" in front of "disease".


I think i might try smoking after reading your blogs, only trouble could be holding the ciggy without shaking (it could be a fire risk lol)!
Big C X