Is it possible with pd?

A very good Q has been asked
I think that if an activity is safe for for the pwp and others, if the pwp enjoys it,needs to do it, is able to do it, wants to continue with it, is legally allowed to do so then it is possible.
I have heard/read of pwp jumping out of parachutes, treking across deserts,raising £ for charity, running local groups, bringing up children, acing as carers
Can we work? I would suggest not if a brain surgeon or a tightrope-walker. But pwp can & do. Work doesn't have to mean 9-5 employment outside the home. It could mean being a valuable support & source of information for other pwp,be it on-line or the end of a telephone.
Can we drive - if we are considered fit o do so & want to do so?
Can we sit for 3+ hours to enjoy something we previously enjoyed?
Do we feel able to make social arrangements?
Can we go on holiday?
Can we fly( with the assistance of an aeroplane!)
My list is endless.
There are countless other conditions that may limit or require adaptation to the pursuit of activities. Except for one, and having no experience of it I will end here
I sincerely hope they jumped with parachutes! sorry
I have a feeling that my post was as clear as mud!
It stemmed from reading the recent post of a members driving licence being revoked. So he got himself an electric bike
I have read of people who have difficulty with shoe-laces, so they buy shoes with velcro fastenings
People who find it difficult to type, so they use a voice activated system
People who cannot sit for hours watching a film/play/opera, so they get the DVD
People who find it difficult to have direct social contact, so they use this forum
People who are finding it difficult at work, so they explore with their employer ways to make it easier
People who are not finding their current medication helpful, so the explore with their neuro other meds
A person who jumped out of an aeoplane with a parachute & an army person with him
That's what I meant - things can be possible with pd, just might need some adapting.
AB you are so right. If you want it enough then you can usually find ways round most problems. Of course we sometimes need to adapt the things around us and ourselves as we progress with PD but then we would have done as we got older anyway. I try to keep my life as near to 'normal' as I can although this does upset/annoy those around me who think that they are helping me when I'm somewhat slower than usual in getting things done. I know that I'm being unreasonable and less than thankful but I need to keep control whilst I can. I think I'm wandering from the point, sorry perhaps this is not the thread to have a rant.
AB - something I was told 20 years ago by a boss I respected a great deal was that anything is possible, but it may not be probable.

The only way to find out is to give it a try but if it doesn't work out put it behind you and try something else. A sound philosophy that works for me - at school I was the kid who hated PE, very introspective, and lacking in confidence.

After working for Mike and following his philosophy I've since got a wife and 4 kids, qualified as a scuba diving instructor, become a District Councillor, last year I was Chairman of the Council, now in process of taking over the company I work for and as you know getting round the lack of a driving licence.

Treat the set backs as a challenge, there's a couple of other things that have gone pear shaped for me in the last 3 years that I can't share at the moment but may do some time.

Why was Mike such an inspiration to me? - he had PD and treated it as a challenge and made the most of life whilst he could.
Funny how life comes full circle.
Thankyou pebble & Dicky Blighter. It seems that the big stumbling block for a lot of people, not just pwp, is not so much knowing that an adaptation or a change of direction may be required, but when to do so. I am most impressed with the speed at which you went from problem of no licence to bike solution.