Is this Impulsive Behaviour?

My husband has had PD for 3 years. He is on low dose Sinemet. Last Thursday I received an email from him to say he had left me for an old flame he met at his Mother's very recent funeral. We have been happily married for 40 years. This has come out of the blue. Could this be impulsive behaviour or am I just kidding myself. Should I tell his neurologist, an appointment is looming.

I can imagine you are very confused by this behaviour.  Having been married for 40 years this must be a shock.

If you go to your GP you may be eligible for counselling on the NHS.  It could just be that your husband is dealing with the diagnosis in his own way.

I was diagnosed 15 years ago, and it makes you question everything in your life - the thought did cross mh mind that I should leave mu husband as I did not want to put him through having to look after me for the rest of our lives.  I guess | was giving him a way out or maybe questioning his loyalty.  Either way, PD changes the way you look at life and particularly the future.


I dont know what your relationship has been up till now, but maybe he is trying to save you from a life of caring but doesnt know how to tell you. I would try talking to him first to see how he is feeling.

I hope you can  work this out.  All I can say is that being diagnosed changes your outlook and makes you more protective of those you love - maybe in his own way he is trying to save you the heartache.


PD is a bitter blow for any sufferer. I have taken heart that many people manage their condition very well and no two people present exactly the same symptoms. I always said I would stand by him no matter what and I would never leave. I do believe he has developed paranoia and depression. I suppose I can only wait now, I don't even know where he is but at least someone is caring for him. Thank you for your wise insights.



Lady sailor

His having PD or even the drugs is no excuse for his behavior.if there was a problem that led up to this the honorable thing to do is communicate.really when you think us men have little to offer,lol

I wonder if she knew how short changed she is going to be,lol

the laugh will be on him.

Seeing you stated you would stick by him shows you have courage and duty not counting endearing love.

Sounds like your a great woman.Give yourself a pat on the back.

Well hope he does come to his  senses 



Thank you John for your kind words.

Hello Lady Sailor

                                  It most certainly could  be  O C B, and in those few words,  most  certainly could be well they cover all the bases  dont  they Lady S, I have destroyed friendships, and  even my  own marriage  was teetering on the edge of the  abyssso I will explain , my problems started with a fascination of 1/50  scale die  cast trucks and  heavy plant , well no harm there eh LS er  "well wrong im afraid" I started buying only one per week, but my intoxication and intensity grew and grew ,you see it  was the  detailing that had me hooked I  just  could  not resist the draw these vehicles had on me, it all  came to a huge verbal clash  with  my  beloved when I PLONKED MYLATEST acquisitions on the kitchen table , there were 10 items none of which cost less than £65.50, the most expensive, a ALLEYS Low Loader with a Class 55 Deltic Alycidon pay load , this combo was a very special one  off as it came with a Class 56 Blyth Power, purcased from a old  chap in Morpeth I was his best customer as this 86yr old is  the master of super detailing LS   the  56 was weathered (scruffy as a Trainload  Coal should be) and I must  say William or Will had truly  excelled withmy  order, cost  £380 ,so  my  wife  saw me place  the invoice in my  filing cabinet and barked, (she hated  my hobby rightly so as it happens)  WELL HOW MUCH HAS THIS LOT  COST well even I was a  bit shocked , at £1428.75p but as  all bar two (MODEL ZONE) were one  off creations built to my spec via  my  Morpeth buddy, any way WW3  ensued  with  me  arguing my creations will increse in  value while when she  visits M a S  or  Top Shop  all  but her purchases will  wear out  and  devalue




Sorry I had to stop  ,family probs,  but  you can  see how the  impulsive behaviour was very  costly .

Then  the  Hypersexual thing  kicked  off again whichi it  has  done at least  four times in  the last  ten  years, and  as my  beloved  became  more  and  more upset  and  distant  all sorts  of  horrible  things entered my  life,,  my  wife  was very close  to  dumping  me  and  I  would have  deserved  it,  and  I would die  of  a broken  heart is  she left me, next came a  unhealthy fascination with  porn,  and   I have at  last  kicked that  nasty infatuation out   of  my  life,very successfully using my  own aversion therapy  than god  my  wife  saw  I was  trying and we  are  now more like we were in our 30s not  60s,. So the chances are  your husband is  more likely to be intensely  besotted by his new friend or hopelessly infatuated  if you  like in time  he will realise his mistake and thats the crossroads where if you still love each  other,  well  I  will leave it there as I had a  lady of whom i thought very highly shall   we  say, but I chose not to take  that  route  so  you will have doubts and it will take  time, time and understanding, PD damges us  in so many  ways  Lady S,  but we can  choose  to mend and repair , in  my  case our   bond is  stronger.

                                    I wish you all good things Lady Sailor  regards  FED