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I understand totally about the freezing, festination of gait when off. I think Parkinsons UK have a really useful leaflet about freezing. I also have several other strategies to try if these don’t work. Message me if you would like to try these.

With regards to DBS. It is not suitable for everyone, but if you were assessed as being a suitable candidate this in itself would be a really positive thing although admittedly seriously scary. Your next step is to find out more about what is available for you, the rest as yet is an unknown so it is not necessary to take yourself down the DBS road yet. :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Just getting a French breed of cattle back if I Google Limousin. My days of rodeoing are long gone :crazy_face:

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Hi @JCPB, :wave:t4:

It’s always good to see members sharing information, however, I thought I’d just chime and offer some advice. :slightly_smiling_face:

We would always recommend people consult a qualified health professional or specialist before making any changes to their medications or supplement intake. Although some people share that natural forms of levodopa are beneficial to them as an individual, there is limited research evidence to suggest that these products are better than conventional medication.

I hope you find this helpful.

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Hi JCPB, re midnight trips to the loo in semi darkness. I have invested in a strip of battery LED lights which are motion sensitive. They came with sticky pads on the back. so can be attached to any surface -side of bed, skirting, base of loo, etc These come on (for about 10 minutes) when I pass them and give enough floor light for me to get to the loo and back. With the light shining onto the floor I have found that I do not freeze and seldom crash into things. I cannot remember where I bought them, it was on line. They were about £10. Just a small aid but every bit helps.