Just diagnosed

Hi everyone,
I have just been diagnosed with parkinson's and so am very new, and as you probably know a bit apprehensive, about the future, and I would appreciate your thoughts on the best way to combat any doubts I have.
One of the questions I have is on taking the medication, the leaflet says not on a heavy meal. the tablet box says with some food, but I notice some of the posts mention taking the tablets on an empty stomach, suggestion please.

Which tablets?
There are so many and different neuros all have their favourites to start you off.

P.S. welcome to the forum.
Hi thanks for the welcome, reply co-careldopa (sinemet)

Hi nikobins welcome.
I started on co-careldopa this week And like you asked the same questions and reading the answers I have decided to take the tablets on an empty stomach whenever possible although I was told to take them with a meal by the Neuro.
Silver spoon
Hi silverspoon
I think that is what I'll do and take my tablets in between maeals
Thanks for the reply
HI , I take co-careldopa. To be honest because of the times I take it ( take eight tablets every day,plus a few others)if I happen to be having a meal, I take it after my meal, but at the times of day when I am not having a meal, I just take my tablets with a drink ,usually tea or water. I find I have no problems whichever method I use. Butmy methods may not suit everyone, I guess it is an individual.thing.
P.S. Welcome to the forum......it's great !
Hi nikobins
Welcome to the forum.about medication.think do you need it yet.how bad are you.i wish I hadn't started on meds so quick because the side effects are worse.I would have stayed off till I was bad also if you are bad when you go on meds you will see the results better
Hi nickobins
Welcome to the forum.
I can appreciate you being apprehensive about the future. Not many of us did not feel like you when first diagnosed with pd. Just try to plod on in your old way, doing what you normally do. It will help you accept things as they are and to realise that Mr pd will always be sitting on your shoulder. It does not affect any two people the same, likewise medication what suits one does not suit another. It can all be a bit confusing - even after you have suffered for years. One thing yiou can be certain of though, is that the forum is a great place to enter and you will meet a great bunch of people with a wide range of humour and knowledge.
As for medication, I take it with or without food depending on how many tablets I have to take.
Keep smiling boyo and the forum will smile with you. All the best
I well remember those first feelings of fear, not knowing how you will be in a year or 2.
I thought I would have to give up work and be reliant on others but so far that hasn't happened.

Apart from the initial difficulty in finding the right medication,I remain totally independent, working, cooking, cleaning etc.

I know it feels like a huge blow, but when those feelings have subsided a little, then life goes on much the same (but with drugs)

Good luck and hope the meds help you.

Hi Everyone
Thanks a million for all your replies, it has put things in perspective for me.
And I have to say I have never met so many positive people in my life, this is indeed a brilliant forum, and I hope to be here for many years to come.
merry Christmas and a happy new year.