Justify/ explain

Sometimes with parkinsons people question , seems we have justify / explain our every thought , word and action .( can be wearing) I sometimes say - "does their have to be a reason"
Not with you Rubbish,what sort of questions do you get asked.:grin:
Why do you say that?....haha....poor joke:flushed::flushed:

I think, on a forum, it's all about discussion, and you have to expect some inquiry into you statements.

Hi to anyone i have been dx for 7 months now and come on the forum quite regulary but i still get very nervous about what to write sometimes like this week has been a very exhausting week im not on any meds yet so cant ask about them at the moment all i can say is i feel quite lost Sorry for sounding so moany today Chris46
Don't be daft Chris....you come on here when ever you feel like it. Post whatever you want, there will also be one of us to reply to anything anyone says.

Keep your spirits up, hard sometimes I know to do, but please try.

All the best of everything to you and yours

Radz xx
Hello Chris , pay it the full disrespect it deserves - bloody silly illness sometimes can get better of us - bye the way - I didn't mean ju stify/ explain to you guys on here - no. I mean maybe public or close friends or family sometimes
Thanks Radar and Rubbish for your messages Take care Chris
hello Rubbish, I understand what you mean, that is the main reason I don't drift too far from the front door! I get so stressed if I 'think' I'm being looked at,andI feel I've got to explain why I'm shaking or slow with speech and asking for help at checkouts or with shop doors,you'll find this forum helpful.please keep in touch.
Don't ever think you are moaning! And why shouldn't you anyway! I don't have Parkinson's but I work as a carer for a lady who has it, and recently a good friend has been diagnosed. I joined the forum to find out as much as I can to make life easier for both. But esp. my friend who is so new to it all and anxious and I really feel for him. And you too. Hell, I don't know what I would do. I hope this forum helps you. And many good wishes. x
Rubbish, what sort of things do people ask you for an explanation about?

People are sometimes puzzled when I explain that I walk rather bent and sometimes can hardly walk at all because I have Parkinson's. That is because I have no tremor. I have been rather embarrassed a couple of times, such as the time I went to the supermarket without allowing enough time for my meds to work. I get dystonia in my right foot and on that occasion I had also forgotten my walking stick. I was tottering from display to display, hoping that my foot would straighten out. When it did I had to get through the checkout and to my car before it went again. This was embarrassing but I would have welcomed a few enquiries as to what was wrong. Most customers studiously ignored me.
However on the whole I have had a lot of help and kindness, often from complete strangers. I have fewer problems at present because my meds have been adjusted. Long may it last.
I find myself giving impromptu mini lectures on the unusual symptom I suffer from, as very few people, even fellow P sufferers and medical staff, have heard of it. I try not to bore. I am not sorry for myself, I could be a lot worse - and I suppose I might be one day, that is one of the worst things about PD.
carry on as you are loose hinge I think maybe some people dont ask for fear of seeming nosy it is up to us to inform them in that case
I push the issues we all face to the enth degree - really get in those gray areas - do things purposely to highlight the rough deal and boxed in life we get - just me - the way i am . I dont ever get nasty , just sometimes like to challenge views & perceptions of life . Sometimes go to ridiculous extremes for this but i am allways well intentioned . But if anyone really really tries to stand their ground through parkinsons they will find themselves at least having to explain situations and this i would not have to do if i were "normal" which of course i am (stop laughing) you can probably gauge from my postings - i challenge thinking about parkinsons