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Hi, I don't log on every day and at most view this site once a day. I usually go to 'latest activity' and get a bit frustrated with the 12 hour default. This is ok if you are viewing the site all the time, but if you go on once a day, you miss topics. I know you can change the hours, but each time I come back out of a topic it changes back to 12 and I have to reset it again. I would prefer a 24 hour default and think this may also mean new people are seeing more as well. Just wondered if others agreed and if so can this be changed?
hi gazelle
to stop the time changing when you come out of a post don't press latest activity just arrow back hope this helps ian s:grin:
Hi Gazelle
I posted the same frustration months ago. :rolling_eyes: I enjoy sites that let me scroll back as far as I want and then i usually check out the previous week. Find it a quick way to get back on board with the discussions.
The other major frustration mentioned quite a bit, is not seeing the posting to which you are replying.
I don't want to be too negative, keeping forum going can be quite an undertaking!
Hi Ian, thanks, I will try this. And also Margaret, yes I agree with you about your other point as well - I tend to copy and paste the post into my reply if it is quite long so I can re-read it, then delete it before I post - a bit of a faff but it does help.
the bit that says who is logged on is not accurate, can this be fixed?