Learning about my diagnosis


Hello Reah,In February this year I was took of all my PD meds because my tremors vanished,and I quizzed my consultant about his desicion to say I had PD and him treat ing me with co-beneldopar,he looked a bit worried when I asked him why he didn-t send me for the brain scan before he started bombarding me with strong PD tablets,that’s when he took me off of them all,and still I have not tremors,on seeing him again in May he said he’irganise s scan for me to finalise the desictioñ,he still has not organised it,also another neurologist says she don,-\t think I have PD ,so I know I have been wrongly diagnosed,let’s hope the outcome of the elusive scan might tell the truth ,bye?


Hi @Wag,

How frustrating and confusing this must be for you. I’d go back to your doctor to chase him up your scan as this really isn’t on. If you need some advise on how to manage this situation, I’d recommend you give our helpline a call on 0808 800 0303 and speak to one of our advisers.

Best wishes,