Left or right

Hi folks! I've just got brave enough to enter the forum, even though I was diagnosed nearly 2 years ago, after a Datscan.I'm 63 years old & am now on Azilect & Mirapexin, which seem to be working quite well for me. I do still have a leg that's an effort to move but otherwise fine.I've never so far had a tremor.
Acc to my neuro, my right side is the one most affected. I agree that my right leg is the worst, but feel that my left hand is more affected. Can this be so;as I believe Parkinsons is meant to be more one sided. Or am I getting confused?( which can happen!). Thanks for reading this, & hope to hear from you. ElleMac.
Hello Ellemac and welcome.

I'm 65 and was diagnosed about the same time as you, and seem to have similar symptoms, except the other way round i.e. my left foot is dystonic and my right hand has the tremor. It's just all part of the Parkinsons family of inconsistancy.
Keep posting.
Thanks Mosie.Glad to know I'm not the only one. Guess there are all sorts of different slants possible,apart from the most common. Cheers.