Hi I just wondered if anyone lives in/near Hull? I feel like i`m the only person in my area (Beverley)with pd.

I find it strange that you all talk about having pd nurses to talk to, other than my consultant (who is really good) the only other person who knows about pd is my doctor and she doesn`t know much.

I may not have much of a tremor but i`m finding my left side is really weak & stiff and sometimes it would be great to be able to talk to someone and compare notes, if only to have a good old moan.

Maybe its my area?

Big C

Hello Big C........I have sent you a pm. Please check for it and good luck in everything.
Radz x

A bit of a way off Beverley Big C but always happy to chat, I have left side weakness too rt side tremor msg me if you need to chat :smile:

Hi Big C I am very near to you just living outside Beverley, East Yorks. My partner lives in Beverley. Beautiful Town!! I read somewhere that you were a hairdresser? and Have you always lived there?

Thanks Radar47 & BJS

I am very grateful for your replies, i think i`m in the minority where i live!

I did ask my consultant about group meetings but was advised not to go as my pd isn`t as progressive as some and whilst i`m quite positive it may be better not to join!


OOps my comp keeps dropping the conection!!!

Sorry if my post gets duplicated......

Thanks Poash Bird yes i was a hairdresser & suppose i still am (still cut o/h hair), but haven`t worked in a salon for years.

Yes Beverley is lovely we have lived here nerly 20 years, do you live in a village nearby? Its great to have contact with other pd members (I can`t say suferers as its a unique club)

Anyway, off for a well deserved cuppa....just made by my devoted, fantastic, great looking, super-dooper hubby....HE typed that!!...but i love him all the same.

Big C

Do you ever listen to Burnsy on Radio Humberside?


Hi Big C , Yes I do ,not far away from you.
Hope you are coping with life and pd. Chat soon I hope.

Hi Big C, I dont actually live in East Yorkshire, its just 3 miles away over the Derwent, as I live in North Yorkshire, not far from Bubwith. Your experience of PD sounds quite like mine, although I am lucky to have access to a PD specialist nurse @ York. Like to chat whenevr

I used to go to Beverly quite a bit; its a nice town & the market is better than here. We went to a really old Sam Smiths pub in Beverly a few times with friends that live in Long Riston.

Are you with Hull consultant - there are two pd nurses.


Hi sorry i haven`t sent a reply i`ve been in London at the boat show all day. I`m feeling the best i`ve felt for a long, long time! how strange this bloody pd is:- i`ve been up since 5 am, took meds early, got the train (which i would normally find stressful) and walked all day in heels, had unhealthy food & shared 2 bottles of wine on the way home and i`m feeling soo good.

Thanks for all your replies Lin , posh bird & emswife i`m actually under a consultant called Dr Ming, he`s very good and i can`t complain but its great to know there are people in my area with pd. My son lives in Selby just passed Bubwith & I also know friends who live their! What a small world we live in.

Sorry if i sound a bit strange but my head is spinning (I`m really gonnna suffer tomorrow) but what the hell I kind of feel normal for the first time in ages!!

I think i`d better go to bed whilst i can still walk!

I`ll keep in touch

Big C x

We have the same consultant so how come you didn't know about the nurses?

I lived in Beverley for many years and went to the Girl's High School before going away to college in 1972. I returned to the area in 1992 and I live at the sea-side.

Hope you are not suffering at all after your day out.


Hi Lin , I also see Dr Ming, and know the PD Nurses, one of which are on maternity leave at present. So I must be a neighbour of yours if you live by the seaside? Small World x

Hi Lin & Posh Bird,

Sorry to say it didn`t last i woke up today with the same old tremor & anxiety feelings i suppose it serves me right for drinking!

I had to sign for something whilst shopping and had to tell the assistant about my pd (she gave me strange glare as i attempted to write). I just knew yesterday was too good to be true!!

I find it strange you both have the same consultant and have contact with nurses and i don`t. Maybe its because i used to see him privately (because of health insurance) & still pay for consultations even though pd isn`t covered (something i must sort out).

Anyway thanks for your info, its strange to think we may have passed each other in the street living so close to each other.

Keep in touch

Big C xx

Sorry that today wasn't so good - it is typical of pd. Good days/bad days/horrible days. We may well have passed on the street - ask PB why that could be!

Hope for good tomorrow.


Hello again Big C,
we may well of passed each other in the street. Never no.
Had a brief chat with Lin and not only do we live in the same Town we are just a few minutes away from each other. Small world!!

Hope your day is a better one x