Loss of organisation

Good morning all

I was first diagnosed nearly 9 years ago and in that time I feel I have coped pretty well, I still work but my hours have reduces significantly over this time and at this present time I work 2 days a week for 6 hours each day. In some respects this is enough but then again I would like to do more, fatigue plays a big factor in my decision to work these hours but also I feel I am losing all concentration, organisation skills I don't seem as on the ball by any means and this is worrying me big time.

It is actually hard to explain but I seem as though I am doing lots of things but achieving nothing and in work this is not a good thing.

I am currently going through a medication change, I am half way through replacing Sinemet x4 daily with Stalevo x4 daily, my Pramepexole has been reduced from 0.7 x3 daily to 0.3 and 0.18 x3 a day and continue with Rasagiline x1

I dont know how to put this feeling right and I worry it may be the start of dementia !!!!

I have had a lot of family problems to deal with recently which have made me feel quite ill to the point where for a couple of nights I seemed to have some form of panic attacks and still now I know im not right........and i worry too much lol but dont we all

Hi newdidit,

I know what you mean. Slowing down and losing concentration seem to be particular symptoms, and I've had that challenge too. Apart from getting the meds right (which worked for me) I can't suggest anything else. Anyone got any better ideas?


Good morning to you newdidit

I don`t have PD (OH has it) but I`ve had the same problems with concentration and organising when I`ve had too much going on at the same time.  I put it down to stress and not sleeping so well.  I did sleep but it wasn`t as refreshing as usual.  So while PD might be the cause it might just be your circumstances and when the meds have settled hopefully you`ll find the problem goes away.

Good luck


Hello Newdidit I've only been diagnosed since last year but had problems for around 4yrs. I have lots of problems with concentration and organisation. I cannot concentrate on more than one thing at once and used to be a big multi-tasker. I struggle planning things eg if I have to work out what time train I need to be somewhere it takes me ages now and I need total peace and quiet. . . Something that should be a simple task! I find writing lists helpful so I concentrate on one task at a time or I can if interrupted completely forget what I was doing and flit to something new! Achieving nothing!! The list thing means I stick to each task. I certainly don't have dementia my neuro said to me this is just part of my PD unfortunately. . I'm 38 so it's very frustrating. I can't obviously say what your issues are but hopefully you can at least see you are not alone in PD airheadness!! :) I hope you find something to assist you.