Lumbar Puncture

I have been asked to have a lumbar puncture by my consultant. Friends are advising against due to side effects that linger long after the procedure.

Has anyone had a lumbar puncture and if so would they recommend it.

westby (the ton ! or is it the tonne nowadays ?)
I had a lumbar puncture and though the procedure was fine I suffered from the worst headache for 5 days afterwards. I think it was because I didn't lie down after. My daughter has to have one this weekend and I'm going to make sure she rests. Hopefully that will work.
I took a friend with me for moral support. Didn't feel a thing during the procedure and was fine afterwards just rather tired for a few hours. Follow their instructions and do lie down afterwards. I was dreading it but it was absolutely fine. Good luck.
Hi !
Well I had the spinal tap this morning and had a Jo72 experience. Rested for an hour afterwards and have been as right as rain ever since.
I was told that drinking before the procedure (coffee ?) would be beneficial but main thing is to have a good rest afterwards to get yourself in balance once more.
They took about 50 cc in total, possibly if they take more there may be more problems.

Take Care !