Hi, I've used this site only once before. I've been started on Madopar 62.5mg per day and have now been on it for 19 days. This may sound like a stupid question but how will I know if this medication is helping me and,more specifically,when?Can anyone with experience of it help me out?
Hi Genevieve,

Is Madopar the first pd medication you've taken? How long have you been diagnosed? What symptoms do you have? Do any of your symptoms improve after you've taken your meds?

It's hard to answer your question without knowing more, I take Madopar 125mg Dispersible up to 3 times a day and I find them quite fast acting but we all respond differently to meds, if you don't feel like they are helping then get in touch with your Neuro or PD Nurse if you have one.

Take Care! x
Thanks Gill, I started on 62.5mg 3 per day and it's gradually being increased to 125mg 3 per day. I was ok for about a week and then I started getting leg cramps in the night which keeps me awake for hours. How freely can you access your neurologist?
My nurse has now left the service and urgent appointments with neuro are about 6 weeks.
Hi again, it all depends on your neuro I suppose, if ever I've had a problem I've phoned mine and spoke to his secretary and explained the problem and he's phoned me back and we've talked through what to do next, maybe give his or her secretary a call and see what they think, tell them that you don't have a PD Nurse to answer any questions that you have and they may be able to put you in touch with a new one.

The leg cramps could be a side effect or just part of pd, it's hard to tell sometimes. I hope thinks improve for you soon. x