Medication before sleeping

are you on amitripyline for sleep & nerve pain

I was, but my PN has said even though its a well used old med, its proven to cause memory lose, which i did notice. So i'm no longer on this. It did reduce and at times stop the restless legs, but it didn't solve the endless moving at night. I've now been advised that i need to wean myself off the patches and we are going to try something different. oh well!

Never  heard that been on them for yrs have dbe so take memory test often & my test are fine, have a word with your gp ! 

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I am on selegilene 10mgms and have been told by the pharmacist that this is an old drug not much in use.  I experience disturbed sleep patterns and cramping as well as the usual wobblies. Is there anybody out there on selegilene and what are there experiences.  I know that it is a dopamine antagonist.

Be grateful of any information you can provide me, please



I don't think it is a DA, Astoriasis.

I think Rasagilene is used more widely and I understood it may delay progression and/or help the levadopa to stay in your system.

My husband has had no side effects from the rasagilene.

I hope you find a way to lose the side effects!



HI Astoriasis,

        I am on selegeline,it is not a d a it is a MAO-B-INHIBITOR,And is supposed to help the nerve cells make better use of the dopamine that they have left.

       I was prescribed this a year ago and take one 10mg tablet in the morning,I also take Levodopa,,have had no side effects,but cant really say if it helps much,I have also heard its an old drug and not used so much nowadays,hope this may help you.

      Best Wishes    Anne


Many thanks for your quick response re selegeline. Very  helpful. I just need help on how to attach an avatar.  I get as far as selecting a picture, cropping and then nothing happens.  Tried pressing download but it doesnt. What do I do from here. And dont know what has happened to Ezinda.

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Levodopa was the first treatment for PD 40 plus years ago but it  is still often referred to as the gold standard.

They used to give bigger doses whereas now they try to give the lowest effective dose for your symptoms we  and this over-dosing  may have  been  the cause of at least some dyskinesias observed in the past rather than the drug itself.  Some medics say the dyskinesia is the natural course of the disease for some people.  Its difficult to differentiate the course of the disease from the side effects of drugs, e.g. Too much levodopa gives similar symptoms to PD itself neurologist told me to take mine 3 to 4 hours apart . I take 4 a day also. I also take them with some carbs now as before I would ignore the protein thing. I still have RS and take time to sleep but taking the meds as advised has helped.

Best wishes Neenag x

I'm starting on slow release Madapar for the night, while still taking Madapar 4 times a day. I dream of a good nights sleep!

im on sinemet cr slow release they help you move better at night time,Take sleeping tablets & amiitriptyline to help me sleep! taking normal sinemet at night time does keep your brain alert .hope it works out for you.

Hi all gh3 and parkinson's Let me know your views Neenag x

 A health food product, not tested scientifically, untried and having side effects. Not convinced of any beneficial properties.


i thought the same just same as that bean stuff stay clear !