Medication Instruction Required Please

Cowboy101 Again,
My Wife`s tablets are gradually gaining in strength as her dose is being upped and her bodies` acceptance of their various reactions is being gauged. So far,(touch wood!), she isn`t doing too bad, but we are concerned that as she needs to take them at meal times, and she is on 3 tablets aday day of an equal dose, she may be taking them at the wrong times. She takes herfirst at about8a.a. and then has breakfast. She takes her second at around 1p.m. and then has lunch, her third she leaves until supper time, around 9p.m., but,of course, this means she misses one with her dinner at 5.30 to 6.30p.m.Is she doing the right thing? I would appreciate it if one of you lot could tell us, because we don`t really know. Best of Wishes, Cowboy101.
Hello Cowboy 101,
Obvioulsy the best place to obtain medication instruction is from your wife's neurologist or pd nurse , should she be lucky enough to have one.
You do not mention what medication your wife is taking. Some such as ropinerole state take with food , but this does not necessarily mean a full meal - a couple of crackers will do just fine. Others - the l-dopa medications such as sinemet work best on an empty stomach.
I am pleased to hear that your wife is doing well with her drug regime. And here I quote (as accurately as I can) from my own neurologist - your body will tell you what it needs and when. However, we are advised that it is important to keep to a drug "timetable", so I would suggest that if you are concerned that you contact the neurologist/pd nurse or the helpline ('phone no at top left of this page).
I wish you and your wife all the very best
Hello Cowboy 101

I'm glad to hear your wife is doing well. What medication is she on? When I was first prescribed my medication I took them religously on time. But found after a year or so that my off times were starting well before my I was next due to take my pills. The neurologist gave me different pills and this was ok to start with but the same thi9ng happened again. So the neurologist said I was the best person to know when I needed my pills. So he gave me permission to tweek them and experiment a little to find the best way of taking them. I now take them as and when I need them. I have my 3 meals a day and if I need pills inbetween I have a couple of biscuits.

But I would say you should discuss everything with your neurologist and see what he says. Everybody is different when it comes to PD. I found that experimenting with the pills to be only way it worked for me.

Hi cowboy1o1 ive been having the same problem so was good to read your letter I take mine three times a day 7-30am 2pm and 8=30pm not sure if this is right but seems to work ok at moment chris46
My husband has been on co-careldopa for two months now and he took his three tablets at five hour intervals 8am 1pm and 6pm today it has just been adjusted to four tablets a day now still at 4 hourly intervales during the day. As a matter of interest to anyone reading he is expecting to go in hospital soon for a back operation and the nuerologist said to make sure they give you your tablets as if you miss them over a long period it will put you back three months or more which suprised us so as long as you take them over the day near the time you should it seems as though you are okay but I would have a word with the PD nurse if you have one. We are meeting ours for the first time in December :)