Medication not working

My Dad is now on Azilect, 6mg Ralnea XL and Madopar 3 times a day but still feels no different. If anyone has any advice we would welcome it, as the drs just seem to fob us off.
hiya kim welcome to the forum,im ali been dx for 11 half years,im 43 years not on these meds kim,im sorry,im on sinemet and mirpexon ,but can you tell us how long your dad has been on these meds?the reson im askin for is it takes few weeks for erm to kick into the system,and this could be the reason why he not feel any difference yet.if your dads been on them say for a month,they should be workin by now,you say your gp fobbin you off,in wot way are they doin this?in my eyes if they not workin ,and he been on them over a month the gp should be now be lookin in to why,and givin you some answers.i no this may not be much help to you kim,may be it be good idea if you call the puk helpline as well ,number top of this page,they will give good guidence,and may be have the answer for you,if not push the drs kim,and keep in touch with all of us here on puk forum,im sure there is a member in the community who may be able to give good advice.good luck x:smile:
Hi Kim and AliJ

I know how frustrated you and your Dad must be Kim. I am on Sinemet and Mirapexin and I don't think they are working for me either. The problem is that I dont know how bad I would be without them. Seeing the Consultant in 3 weeks who will prob increase the dose.

Dont know what to suggest apart from keep badgering the Neuro and p/d nurse if you have one. The best of luck to you both
I didn't realise what the Requip was doing till I came off it to try something different. OMG everything seized up. I could barely walk, felt so stiff and the pain.....

Back on it now, thank goodness, life back to normal,it is not perfect, still have a tremor and stiffness at times and am very clumsy but now I know what it is like without it... No thank you.

hi carolineb211,glad you feelin beter now your back on requip,:smile: