i was diagnosed with PD about 7 years ago and have had continual problems with side effects from various medications.  In desperation I had a private consultation with a local neurologist and after seeing her and having  a MRI scan she seemed doubtful of the PD diagnosis and recommended a DaT scan.However its seems my NHS clinic will not sanction this .  does anyone know how and where I can make enquiries and does anybody have any ideas of the cost of this.

Hi bella14,

Did your NHS clinic say why they wouldn't give you a DATscan, when your neurologist had recommended it? I find this very strange. I know that not all hospitals have the equipment installed however. I enquired about having a DATscan done privately 4yrs. ago when first suspected of having PD and my neurologist said it would cost £3,000. Had it done on the NHS in the end.

I would make a fuss and ask your GP to intervene. You need to know whether you've actually got Parkinson's or not, for your own peace of mind.

Good luck.


Bella14, I agree with Twinks. I can't work out why they won't do it. I was sent to Cambridge for mine on the NHS. Good luck with that one. X

  Thanks for  your  replies  I suspect the reason for the refusal all down to  money

NHS  funding my age. I will  pursue this but not very optimistic




I can't believe what I am reading   BELLA  it's almost beyond belief !! Good luck to you 


Thanks for your replies unfortunately that's  how things are  when you  reach the  age of  70 you don't have the same  consideration as younger people The fact that  you kept yourself fit and hardly ever  saw a doctor before  the ageing process began doesn't seem to matter.  Everything seems  to   comes  down to  money and  NHS funding.   I am still considering  my options  before my  consultation which is 10 weeks time.!!