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Hello there, I was diagnosed on 30th Nov the day after my 61st birthday!According to the consultant I have early Parkinsons but have not been advised to take any medication yet. There are all sorts of things going on in my head as I get used to what is happening to me. My main symptom is the tremor in my left leg and feeling tired most of the time. Anyone any advice for me please?I got a couple of books from the library about living with Parkinsons and they have helped.
I know it easy to say but try not to panic. PD is not particularly nice but it not the end of the world either.

I was diagnosed in March this year and was shell shocked. I was only 52, I remember going round the shops in Reading , in marks and spencer, with the words "you have Parkinson's Disease" going round and round in my head.

Now though, I have accepted it and I don't worry any more about what my future holds, what will be, will be. Might get run over by a bus before it happens anyway.

Good luck

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Its nice to have another bird derived forum name.

its quite common when you are first diagnosed that you dont start drugs straight away. thats a good thing.
your comments remind me of the way i felt when i was dx about 6 years ago. I felt that my neuro wasnt taking me seriously. he sort of patted me on the head said "it's PD, now run along and be as normal as you can"
that approach leaves you reeling and full of questions, but ultimately its not a bad way to be.
i have found that PWP can often give a more convincing answer to the questions that flood into your head after dx than the professionals can.

Caroline's approach is a good one - try not to worry too much

I look forward to getting to know you better

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