Meet and greet

Hi I am new to the forum as only recently signed up as member. I was dx 4yrs ago but have had symptoms for about 6yrs. I am 54yrs married to oh (WHO'S FAB) for 30yrs two beautiful daughters both currently in London and they now bring with them their boyfriends(my adopted sons). I still work full time in child protection which I have done for 34yrs.

I have my family and friends who provide me with great support I realise I am very lucky.

I have read others posts and obviously share some experiences and symptoms my first problem was chronic insomnia and my GP couldn't get past saying it's your age! I was 48!! Apart from the initial shock which probably took us as a family 6 months or so to get over dx was good because it's identified what's wrong and helped to get support. I have a right side tremor and for the past 12 months have been taking Ropinerol. I don't have all the answers by any stretch but to any newly dx PWP I would give the following positives

It's not generally as bad as you feared!
You find out who your real friends are.
Life can still makes you smile.
If your a guy you are guaranteed plenty of room by yourself when in the gents!
It makes you take the exercise you kept putting off (I swim)
You re-evaluate what's important in your life.

Hope this helps be glad to hear other peoples ideas.

hiya bjs ,welcome to the forum ,lovley to see you ,im ali i been dx for 11 years im 42, i agree with u life dont stop cus of pd,u have to learn to work with very sports minded,and have other medical conditions,which hold me back also,but i still go to the gym with my carer and do a little bit on certain things ,which i was introduced to this syem by my gp.i love it when i can get there .even just meetin up with people there makes me happy to have a chat.ihope to see u around the forum bjs,i tend to hang out in the cafe/diner on the social club on here,so pop ur head in and have a cuppa with me:wink:
Thanx ali j may take you up on that offer:grin:
Hello and welcome to the forum BJS. I was dx 11 years ago and before retiring three years ago I was a children and families social worker. So like yourself BJS I have had a fair share of Child Protection, I worked in the social care field for 28 years but I am more than happy now to have retired.

I hope that you find the forum useful, there are lots of supportive and informative people on here. I hope to see you around.

Hi thanx for the welcome nice to hear there are folks on the forum who have worked in C&F I seriously considered retiring this year but in the end decided to carry on for a while longer. Hope to speak with you again:grin:
I am 53 and was dx oct10. I live on the west midlands/ worcestershire border.
I was in teaching but I am also a carer and have now retired early.
I and a friend are doing a fund raising barn dance for Parkinsons on sat march 24.
Anyone who is interested in coming get in touch.