Memory help


Ive had PD since 2009 and probably a few years before.A few years ago I started having myoclonic type jerks and found here that concentration would help control them.So for the past year I keep myself busy into many fields.Im a chair person of our party and have done allot of petitioning lately.before all this I would often forget what im doing on the way of doing it,lol let alone organising events Im doing I als odo volunterring and its helps me keep out of bad habits,lolLong is gone of most of my past forgetfulness  I do have some very minor evnts but its so much better than even before PDI have found keeping engaged really oils our brain.

My jerks come some times but now usually when Im tired and low on c/l now on azilect they are somewhat better.I also found requip was a culprit (fuzzy brain my doctor calls it)

PD can be a tough but we can adapt  hopefully till they figure out a stop measure so we can have a

best to all of you


Hi John,

Thanks for sharing. It's really encouraging to hear that your memory has improved. Mild memory problems can affect some people with Parkinson's more than others and leading an active and organised lifestyle where possible is important.

If anyone is concerned about their memory they can read and download our information booklet on mild memory problems by clicking here.



I try to exercise my memory, but it's an uphill struggle.  My wife says "I told you so-and-so.", and I don't remember.  Also I tend not to watch much television nowadays because the commercial breaks are so long, I forget what I am watching and wander off.


About a month ago my neighbour and I went canvassing for a political candidate.We covered just about the whole town.Last week we found out he needed more signatures so last night I went back to catch those who weren't home.Now three weeks with PD you would think Id would have a tough time remembering.In reality i worked for three hours and hardly needed my list because I remembered our last trip.

Just a example of memory can be restored if you work at it.

Another thing here is how to fight apathy.Sure it was late and I had dozens of reasons why not to do it.But after I started and met and talked with people the better i felt and old pd was out of sight

Dr..Abraham Low always said men live to act.That goes for everyone PWP included.

I hope you enjoy your day.Mine started at dawn .many acts to do and people to see.

best wishes


I went on a long vacation to hawaii and foundto much relaxation can be detrimental to improving memory and staying fit.its so easy to stop exercising and eat to much which causes us problems with the drugs.

of course a suportive enviroment is also important.But if family is indifferent we must not make it a issue which harms us not them.

Fathers day congers up ideas family will be loving and helpful but in reality most people fail on this.I often remind myself its just another day and not worth letting family indifference bother me.

So if your a father and no one comes around and pats you on the back  well we always got our loyal dogs.LOL

have a peaceful day