Memory loss

good morning and hello, my husband was diagnosed 8 years ago , his motor skills are manageable but he struggles with the side effects of his medication, confusion, memory loss, short concentration span.....he is almost perfect in the morning but as the day progresses he becomes cloudy....then himself, then cloudy again. Can anyone make suggestions?
Hi Mariah
Your hub sounds just like me - my best times are between 11.00 and 3.00 - before then I am waiting for my meds to start working and after 3.00 I am too tired to care what happens! If I read the paper first thing in the morning and the look at it again at lunch I cannot remember having read any of the articles before!

Hub asked me yesterdya what books I would like for Christmas. I gave hims some ideas and then he came back into the room with an armful of books - "these are the ones I gave you last year and they are the same ones you have just asked for again" so now I have lots to read that will seem like fresh books. Sorry - rambling a bit.

It sounds to me as if your hub improves when the meds really work and then fades when the meds are timing out.
Thank you , it helps enormously to hear from you, best wishes, mariah