hello everyone,lwas diognosed on the first of may and have been in a bit of a daze ever since.l dont know much about parkinsons so at the moment am reading all l can on the website.l am very very tired all the time and get breathless when l try to do anything.does anyone else have this ,l havent read anything about it so it is worrying me ,would love to hear from anyone out there,
hello mindy
tiredness is not unusual. breathlessness a bit less common but pd affects people in many ways. on any medication yet?
hi mindy welcome to puk forum,lots of surport here and nice friends to meet.im ali,i been dx for 11 half years and im 43 years old:smile:tiredness plays a big part of pd,fatigue,as you most prob nows pd is is a progressive disease which effects movemt,slowness,hence wot happins mindy and wot your expercin at the mo is,cus you get slower,you try to do things u normally use to doin,but it takes you longer hence you feel tieder then.being newley dx there be so much questions your goin to wont to ask,which is natural.the main symtoms of pd is tremor,slowness,and movement and rigidiy.these are nown as motor symtems,and none motor symtoms are things like pain,consitpation and pain.it may seem all confusing though,and im sorry mindy if im worryin you,i not mean to,but i tryin to expalin few things.always try to remeber mindy pd does not control you,you are not your disease.the most comman drug is the gold standard drug,called levedopa.im on one of them called sinemet,and the other drug im on is called mirapexon,.exercixe and diet is very imprtant in pd as well,cus of slowin down.i could go on and on here mindy but it a lot to take in,there is lot of members here in the community on puk forum mindy,who will be there for you as much as they can be,even if i been dx for 11 half years im still learnin new things,cus resarch is gettin so advanced now towards the cure.you can have a chat with the puk helpline as well,who are very understanding and can guide you alot.hope this helps a bit mindy,x:smile:
Hi mindy, Cowboy101 and Wife here, To let you know that My Wife was diagnosed a week later than you were, though we`d both suspected something along those lines for quite a while. As far as the tiredness goes, it really is quite common, almost usual with Parkinson`s, very often My Wife will feel exhausted after only a minor task, even the dog`s walk has been overlooked a few times lately, luckily for the dog he has a big garden to run around in, and he soon burns up all his excess energy that way! But what with the weather we`ve been having lately, even he hasn`t felt like going out much, (some thunder`s just crashed outside).
The best thing for the tiredness is probably just rest, it sounds obvious, but it`ll allow your system plenty of opportunity to regenerate! Make sure you`re taking any medication they`ve given you at the times they say, it might ease some of the tiredness off,you never know!Another area of help would be booklets brought out by PARKINSON`S UK which are free of charge and full of necessary information `phone 01473 212115 or try [email protected], and there is always the Helpline - 0808 8000303. I hope these tips are of some use, many of the ideas for inclusion of these tips come from My Wife.
Anyway, Best Of Luck from Both of Us and Wish You All the Best for the Future! Cowboy101 and Wife.
Hello mindy, welcome to the forum. As others have said, pd affects everyone in a different way. You have done the right thing in joining the forum as there is not much that has not been experienced by the other forum member - if it is out there someone has experience of it and can tell you their experiences. personally I do not think that the specialists really know a lot about it despite all the research carried out. pd is such a complex thing. it is not as though they can take your brain out, look at it and put it back. I think that a lot relies on the personal interpretation by individual specialists. I find that it is not so much the but the ability to actually get the inclination to start a task, once one has started its not too bad. One always dwell on the darkest part of pd, but remember you may never experience most of the problems. keep a cheery outlook and remember that you always have your mates on the forum to give you advice and comfort
all the best to you