have you had any sleep yet.turnip eye roll


are you using the starter pack to slowly titrate up?  And Domperidone is good for nausea - it can be bought over the counter in UK.  

Advice?  Take as long as it takes to get to an effective dose level for you.  

 more info for GP,s and patients on Azilect and antidepressants from the Azilect web site.

"As you know, depression is a common symptom seen with Parkinson’s disease. The AZILECT prescribing information contains a warning regarding concomitant use with antidepressants; however, they are not contraindicated. What’s important for your patients to know is that AZILECT can be prescribed with antidepressants with proper dosing and monitoring by you.
Some pharmacy databases list antidepressants as contraindicated with AZILECT, incorrect information that the pharmacist may pass along to your patients. This may cause confusion and lead to pharmacy calls to your office, and could potentially result in the patient not receiving the originally prescribed therapy. To avoid this situation, you may want to counsel them using the information in this brochure, the prescribing information, and your clinical judgment."

im going to give the velvet bean ago ! ordered, what have i got to lose

let us know how you get on

will do turnip ! never know wink

Turnip - I am no doubt being thick but don't know what you mean by 'titrate  up',  must admit am bit concerned that instructions state that taking hrt could have an effect on the ropinirole - how.....?

also does anyone have any experience on segesiline - I thought it was the same as ragisiline ????

hi moonandstars

think  turnip means by  " titrate " up., gently increase doseage little by little.

Doh ! Was supposed to be 1mg twice a day but because I am such a wuss when it comes to taking meds, GP decided better to do 1mg a day for 4 weeks and then go back and see him ..... Then I assume increase dosage and maybe start on segesiline ....... Been taking for 3 days but nothing yet 

selegiline and azilect (rasagaline) are both mao-b inhibitors but are different chemicals. rasagiline may slow disease progress, selegeline may make you feel happier, who knows. personally i like selegeline.

1mg is definitely a woosy dose, most people end up about 8-12 i think. 1mg unlikely to be noticable for most people.

selegeline and azilect dont usually have  obvious effects , though they do for some perhaps those people have excessive mao-b??? 


all these drugs vary ENORMOUSLY from person to person


Thanks turnip as always really helpful post - wish medical professionals were as helpful , most probably 10 min slots do not allow such info

i enjoy helping people if i can. probably a side-effect of DAs.