I take two tablets three times a day and the tiredness seems to hit mid afternoon,am i taking them the wrong times..can anybody suggest good times to take?
hi did you get my lasst message NIPPR 12
What a good question. I have no idea of the answer but will read this thread with interest!
My personal (non qualified) belief is that by late afternoon your body has been subjected to several hours of taking dopamine drugs. The maximum concentration of medication in the blood stream also being achieved around this time. Therefore its the time your most likely to experience side effects. Sudden sleepiness is of course one of these side effects!

best wishes
That makes sense blueeyes, thanks for that
Sorry nppr no sign
For info.I have one slow release tablet of 105 mg which the neuro insists I take in the morning. See you are up early, I'm usually awake early too since on pramipexole. I am struggling with either falling asleep or having insomnia at night.
Hi prolly

I went to bed at 2.30am didn't sleep much and was up at 6am.not even tired.
I think I'm turning into a vampire.lol
Hi All,
I take Mirapexin 3 times a day and get sleepy by 2-3pm.
If I take it after 7pm it will keep me awake at night.
You need to experiment with the times you take it and the dosage to get the best effect.
Whatever I try, it appears the PD has it's own weird way of
upsetting my thoughts and actions.
Clearly, a number of contributors on here function well in daily life while cursed with PD.
I envy them as thus far, a year into this thing, I feel a wobbly mess for much of every day.
If I can get a regular drug regime sorted, then things may improve.
Keep the information coming, and thank you to the regular writers.
I take one slow release tablet Siffrol (same as Mirapexin) in morning plus I take Madopar, and I would be very shaky without my medication.
I'm new to the Forum, but I've been taking Mirapexin in slowly increasing doses since 2006. I tried various times, but have settled on breakfast-, lunch-, and dinner-time - they are easiest to remember, as it's not good to miss a dose. By taking notes on medication effectiveness (how long before tremors return) I found that, for me, the best interval is about 5½ hours - i.e. at 07:30, 13:00, and 18:30, which maintains the benefit throughout waking hours.
I also found that the benefit tended to wear off a little earlier after prolongued use - after about one year for me. My consultant took that as a signal to increase the dose by small amounts over several months until it was lasting 5½ hours again.
I guess the results differ from person to person, but I try to maintain lower doses to keep stronger drugs for the future and to minimise side effects.
I have found the local Parkinsons Nurse to be very helpful on medication.
Here's hoping you can stabilise your doseage - Mirapexin has been very effective for me. Best wishes.