Missed dose of Requip


Wondering if anyone has experienced this.


Yesterday I totally missed my daily dose of Requip and was fine.  I had remembered to take my 3 daily Sinemet.  I was totally shocked that I was functioning so well without them.  Do you think it was just as it was a 1 off or that I don't them?


Any advise gratefully received.


Thank you.



Hi Kazlar,

The Requip would still be in your system from the day before. I came off Requip XL recently, very gradually reducing from 12mg. to zero and it took 2 weeks to get it out of my system after that. Missing one day would not have a huge effect on your condition. Hope that helps.




Thanks Twinks,


Can I ask why you came of Requip?  Im worried as im already on 12 mg Requip 1.5 x 2 sinemet an another 1 of sinemet.  Only 45 and only dx in Aug last year.




That does seem a lot of meds., as you were only diagnosed a year ago, but everyone's different. I came off RequipXL because the side effects made me feel as if an alien was in my head! And also it affected my eyesight. As soon as it was out of my system, my eyesight returned to normal and my head felt a lot clearer. I now take natural Levadopa in the form of Mucuna Pruriens powder. I was diagnosed nearly 4yrs. ago......then aged 63.

Best wishes.