Monthly roundup - july 19

Welcome to the new Monthly Community Roundup category. :grinning:

There are a lot of helpful and engaging discussions that takes place on the forum and we’d hate for anyone to miss out on them. That’s why we bring you a round up of the best content from across the forum, so you don’t miss a beat and you are kept abreast of information that can help you.

  • We love seeing the forum go from strength to strength and we’re always happy to welcome new members to the community. So help us extend a warm welcome to some of our new members that joined us this month. @Mitch1, @Sandy10, @Rose1, @jjwalkeer89 and @Zig.

  • We know the various symptoms and life altering challenges that come with living with Parkinson’s which is why the peer support on the forum is so important, but so is a little escapism. A really beautiful example of this the ongoing New Six Letter Word Game in our social category. Check out some of the word wizardry on this thread and feel free to join in with the fun.

  • In July we asked you to help us with some content regarding intimate relationships in the next issue of The Parkinson’s Magazine. I’m happy to share that three very brave members volunteered to help us by sharing their own experiences on the subject which we’re sure will not only resonate with other people affected by Parkinson’s, but it’ll also help them. Keep you eyes peeled for the next issue and don’t forget you can find great content like this on Your Magazine


We hear from so many people who say they are mistaken for being drunk while in public. Has that ever happened to you? Matt, who has had the condition since he was seven, shares his top tips for being out and about with Parkinson’s.