Monthly Roundups - November & December 19

Welcome to the new Monthly Community Roundup category. :grinning:

As you may have noticed, I have combined November and December’s monthly roundup. Unfortunately, due to technology and mostly my own clumsy mistake, I lost the draft for November’s content ( :tired_face:) so I had the genius idea to combine the two (Yaay! :+1:).

There are a lot of helpful and engaging discussions that takes place on the forum and we’d hate for anyone to miss out on them. That’s why we bring you a round up of the best content from across the forum, so you don’t miss a beat and you are kept abreast of information that can help you.

  • Over the past two month we’ve welcomed a slew of new members including @240323, @amyclare711 , @franzink ,@Rangers and @Seahorse to the community :wave:. The Parkinson’s UK forum is a place for all people affected by Parkinson’s to gain the support from other people who know exactly what you’re going through. We hope you receive help and support that you are looking for and please don’t be a stranger, we are here to help in anyway we can. For those who haven’t done so already, please take the time to say “hello!” :grinning:

  • Have you signed up to the ‘Get It on Time’ petition? People constantly tell us about the impact of not getting medication on time in hospital – stress, anxiety, immobility, severe tremors. When you sign our petition, you’re calling on the NHS to urge hospital trusts and health boards to introduce 15-minute mandatory Parkinson’s training. They’ll learn how important it is to Get It On Time. Sign up HERE.

  • The Parkinson’s Is thread is the thread that keeps on giving and the festive period was no exception. If you need a pick me up, inspiration or some gentle encourage to write your own poem, this thread is the place to start. :hugs:

  • Do you struggle with sleep issues? If so, which sleep issues to you find hardest to manage? We’re very interested to hear from you and the impact Parkinson’s might have had on your sleep. We want to support you and ensure the information on our website is relatable and relevant. Let us know your thoughts!

  • If you have YOPD, one of our long standing members and resident DJ, @mrjohnnyparky is always keeping us up to speed with the latest goings on his weekly radio show, Radio Parkies. If you’d like to hear some old classics like the Bee Gee’s, Freddy Mercury, Abba et al or you’d like to win some competition freebies, head over to the :point_right:Hello To All And On The Younger Side of ParkyD’ to get involved.


Welcome to our cafe: Hema’s story

Hema, who has Parkinson’s and lives in Loughborough with her husband and son, has set up the first Parkinson’s cafe aimed at the Asian community. Visit our online magazine as Hema shares her story behind her inspiration and desire to set up the cafe and the challenges she’s faced along the way. Watch Hema talk about the cafe below. :point_down:

Thank you so much @Reah for the mention. We really appreciate it. Do you have a song request I can play for you?

You’re welcome, @mrjohnnyparky! :grinning:

How nice of you to ask; James Brown ‘I got the feeling’ always puts me in a great mood! :blush:

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“I got the feeling” Extended Version ready to play.

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Amazing - thanks @mrjohnnyparky! :blush: