More time please

Please please please can we have more time between login and being automatically logged out? I've just spent ten minutes struggling (with my tremor) to type a reply to a thread to save it and find I've been kicked out! And it wasn't even that long a message.
Yes I know I could type it in Word and cut and paste it, but what's the sense in that?
Yours frustratedly
If, after you've written a big passage and hit "post", you are presented with the log-on screen, just fill in the details and enter them. That screen will be processed and you'll get the welcome screen.

Now if you page back several times using the left arrow at the top left of the screen you will get back to your page with the completed passage on it.

Now proceed normally.
Thanks Renaissance
I'll bear that in mind in future. It was just sheer frustration at my fingers not working fast enough!