Moronic swedish research


To examine the link between exercise frequency and Parkinson’s disease risk, researchers at the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden, monitored about 43,370 men and women for an average of 12.6 years.

“Our study has a number of strengths,” lead researcher Karin Wirdefeldt, an epidemiology, biostatics and clinical neuroscience professor at Karolinska Institutet, said in the news release. “This was a prospective study including both males and females, and all information on physical activity was assessed before the disease occurrence, making recall bias and reverse causation less likely."


Since people almost always have the disease for many years (I would guess on average about 12.6 years) before diagnosis - i would have thought REVERSE CAUSATION WAS BLINDINGLY OBVIOUS!



Yes Turnip, I concur.  It also seems to be stating the blooming obvious in that 'we found that people with normal Dopamine production are able to maintain an active lifestyle, whereas those that developed Parkinsons symptoms may have had an underlying medical condition that limited their ability to be as active as they would like'