Moving Forward Together Event 14th - 16th Oct at Stratford Upon Avon

Hi i have registered for this event , wondered if anyone knew more about it or is going ? Thanks
hiya i had a letter and i rung up the following morning at 9am and got told all the places had been taken ,im now 2nd on a waiting list incase someone drops out,im a bit pigged off cus i never been before and i would of loved to of gone,i would love to meet other members and join in with the workshops and im very intrested to hear wot the lectuars have to say ,but who nows i mite get my chance yet ,fingers crossed,if not a got yet another year to wait,but i worry cus i bin so ill this year and at the mo im doin ok ,well beter than before :laughing:i mite end up never goin :disappointed:
plumber when did u register for it?
Hi Plumber

I am going to this event with my OH.. should be good to meet some other people.

Hi Plumber & Carolineb211,

Me and my Oh have secured places so look forward to meeting you both there. :smile: Maybe all members of PDUK should wear red carnations so we can find each other!! :laughing:

Hi Ali,

So so sorry you didn't get a place, would love to meet you. I applied the morning it appeared on the website 31/8/11 ? and there were only 120 places available. I really hope that people who have signed up and can't make it let them know a.s.a.p so as to give you a chance in time to make arrangements etc. Actually, i might e-mail them to highlight this and ask them to make people aware that there is a waiting list. :bulb:

Really hope you got on it would love to put a face to your name!

Best wishes

Diane x
drobb i woul;d love to meet u all as well,same for me put a face to names:smile::smile:it be a good idea if u could mention bout the waitin list to them drobb,thankyou:smile:,i got my letter last thursday the 8th of sept,i tryed ringin up 4 times in the afternoon and no reply ,so i rung at 9am on the friday mornin and got told they needed to look how many people was goin they get back to me,they rung back around lunch time and said it was full and i will be 2nd on the waitin a bit gutted ,but spose others who would of liked to of gone are as well,but i never new about it bein on the website at all or i would of done it before,i really wish it had a thread opened up about it by the mods to tell us ,then i would of nown ,i do relise there was one meet up couple years ago cus one of me friends told me they went,but ive had such so much goin on the last month or oso with hospital and ill health ,and me van in wales problem ,i just did not no.anyway ive rabertite agin as normal,i carnt seem to explain things proper quickly it takes me to go round and round to get to a point:rolling_eyes::smile:anyway ,if i do manage to get a place,see u there x:wink:
Hi Ali,

I've sent the message to the organisers and asked/suggested to them to post weekly messages for people who no longer can attend to contact them a.s.a.p so that people on waiting list get opportunity to come along:bulb:. Really do hope this works and turns out to be beneficial :grin:
Have you thought of just pre-booking a room and gate-crashing the event last minute?:question: They would NEVER turn you away and i for one would stand up and fight your corner. :angry:Also, honestly x my heart, i will willingly pay half towards room fees if this is the only way you can attend.(don't see why i should benefit from freebie and not you):sunglasses:ON ONE CONDITION!! you open up your room for casual chat & bacon butties! :laughing:I will supply vino (copious amount of) and other related munch such as sweeties & chocolate! My offer is serious. :smile:
I can realate to the Parkie brain not being able to take on board all things comprehnsively but let's go with the following.

Plan A - Hope my e-mail works and at best get cancellation
plan B - Wait to hear from you and if no places available, we will unite to make it happen!
Plan c - Deny all knowledge of gate-crashing stating we're SURE we received an e-mail securing place but left it at home?? (surely can't deny a parkie brain??????)

Hope this finds you well today?

Best wishes, take care

Diane x

Get your red carnation at the ready!!:grin:

:laughing::laughing:drobb,i really dont no wot to say to ur post,had a good giggle to me self,u made me laugh:smile:ur such a sweet kind lady of thinkin of me that way:smile:i dont wont any one to drop out cus i dont wont some one to be poorly ,but on the other hand i really reaaly would love to attend this,watch this space i say ,and i will pray x:smile::smile:
Morning Ali:grin:

I don't want anyone being ill either, just thought peps may have booked places in haste before really working out if they can make it etc. Anyways, if i don't get reply to e-mail i will phone them up with a few suggestions.

Keep praying for plan A , and i'll focus on plan B :laughing::laughing:

Looking forward to that midnight feast! :grin:

Diane x
Don't forget the red carnations!