Mum with Parkingson's


Mum was diag. 4/5 years ago and has copped (?) well until about 1 year ago.

Recently she has been seeing people who are not there,this is part of PD I know, but she seems to get this intermittently, so I am wondering if anyone else has had similar experience.

Should I make an appointment to see her GP & or her PD specialist?

Thanks in advance
Yes My husband does it can happen sometimes from the Parkinsons or the drugs . It doesn't seem to worry my husband I have read that other have the same thing happen . Another one of the many symptons
Hi - welcome to the forum :grin: I guess the question that arises from reply is do these visions distress your mum? I have a relative who imagines she sees folk all the time but it is comforting for her,so I guess if it doesn't upset her then maybe it could wait. If it is distressing her call her neuro or the pd nurses who will advise :grin: