Muscle problems, advice needed

Hi Tony

i hope the move went well and you are now settled into your new home , yes i know what you mean i do not seem to have any enthusiasm at the moment , christmas is usually my favourite time of year  and i am usually so well organised  not this year , it took me 3 days to put the christmas tree up , one day to put the tree up , one to put the lights on and another to put the baubles on , my get up and go has  got up and gone

Michelle x


that may explain the problems i have with my leg , when my leg is put completley straight and my foot at a 90 angle my foot and toes are going into spasms when they go totally rigid , my physio has recommended a course of hydrotherapy and night time splints to wear in bed to try stretch calf muscles

Hi Michelle

Yes the move went well though even after getting rid of lots we still have too much stuff here! It,s so much better for Gemma in a bungalow as she was really struggling on the stairs, so she is able to be a bit more independent here which can only be a good thing.

Hi Shelly

I will be pleasantly surprised if splints work. i hope they do and will try them if they work but if the underlying tension isnt fixed chemically I would imagine very restless legs - please let us know if it works

I have been recommended magnesium tablets by a PwP friend to reduce muscle cramps, and since taking them I am less inclined to get them.

I used to cramp in bed when extending my foot, and have to get up and stand on it to push out the cramp.

I am watching this thread with great interest. I get a lot of cramp and muscle pain. You guys seem pretty well clued up on it. My next assessment is after Christmas.


     I had bad leg cramps and in my toes but after starting on Madapor  18 months ago  I  am rarely bothered now,hoping it carries on like this for a good while.


 i am wondering if its a side effect of the meds , i never noticed the cramping before i started on Sinemet plus , i did say to the physio i didnt think splints would help and the neuro is of the same impression  we will see what happens at the orthotics assesment in January


so glad everything went well , same for me i moved from a 4 bedroom house to a 3 bed place everything that would not fit went in the shed now i have no shed space

so glad everything is working out for you both

Hi everyone.  I wonder if anyone has suffered the uncontrollable itching which I have been experiencing the last six months and which seems to be getting worse.  Have been told, by my Consultant and G>P that it is probably an allergic reaction to one of the medications.


I came off Entacapone a week ago but still no relief. If \anyone can suggest anything to relieve the itching shall be very grateful.


My right shoulder blade drives me crackers. I couldn't reach it so I bought a long handled bog brush......sounds daft but it works. The relief is unbelievable.

poor circulation/ goes with parkinsons.muscle cramps worse in winter RAYNARDS !


Hi everyone

Used to get cramps quite bad until I started on meds (ropinirole 4mg) then they subsided, but they are gradually coming back slowly but surely. Wonder if I need to up my meds? Will contact GP.

This has turned into such an interesting and thought provoking thread which is raising new questions for me.

In the mornings my lower back and legs in particular are very sore and stiff. I take my 12mg ropinerole along with a Tramadol usually around 06.30 so the pain subsides before young Gemma gets up. Now before my parkinson diagnosis I had already been told that both hips but especially the left (my parkie side) were degenerating hence the Tramdol.

However, was some of the pain parkie pain all along? and was I blaming parkie induced  pain and stiffness on my hips ?

I know a lot of you have pain and stiffness associated with your Parkinson's so what I would like to find out, and has not been discussed with me, is just what pain and discomfort is attributable to Parkinson's disease, and what if any pain control do you take?

I've already mentioned the dreaded cramps which a lot of you also seem to get, and the shoulder stiffness too, so your replies will be very interesting to me, and also I'm sure to others.


Tony in Cornwall.


HI tony

i have had pd for 8yrs,pain in my legs,ie nerve pain,in my back shoulders stiffness.meds for pain co-codomol,amitriypline,diplofenics,gabapentin. lower lumber back problems not due to pd. atheritis ,two crumpling disc.But since pd yes,nerve pain ,stiffnness cramps,movement slow,

My pain is due to muscle tension, a PD symptom

I don't take anything for it.

I believe that if I took a higher dosage of my DA there would be less tension.

At present I am living with it.


Cramps in feet - also a PD symptom

Magnesium has helped, I believe.


When I went to a recent neuro appt the conversation turned to problems of diagnosis and the neuro commented about the number of people who he sees who have had a hip replacement when in fact the problem (hip pain) was largely caused by PD.  Of course the person would have had some arthritic type degeneration but not sufficient to really warrant an operation which actually doesn't relieve the symptom.  I notice a similar story with shoulder pain, a very common early PD symptom.  Often it is diagnosed as frozen shoulder and at least in US an operation follows, often unsuccessful at relieving the pain. For me the shoulder pain predated diagnosis by over 8 years.  Virtually gone with medication.  

I read somewhere once that symptoms often appear to accelerate on diagnosis.  I guess with only about 20% of dopamine neurons left at diagnosis this could  mean we are crossing a threshold where the body can no longer contain the condition.  Perhaps sometimes what we may think is caused by the meds may at least in part be the progression of Parkinsons.  

And as to your pain Tony, i wonder if the extra activity is using up your dopamine supplies quicker, just a thought.

Hiya Keygirl,

I also suffer badly from itching. I take an anti histamine medication - one  10mg tablet of Cetirizine Hydrochloride every 2 days. This keeps it under control. Some people need to take one every day. I get my pills from the GP, but I believe you can buy them over the counter.