Music Therapy

Hello forum, I am currently undertaking a dissertation for my degree course in Music Therapy and the benefits it has for sufferers of Parkinson's. My Grandfather had the disease for 40 years but never received much beneficial treatment for his illness. I am extremely interested in music therapy as a way for suffers to be able to release themselves, and I hope to work in this area in the future. I was hoping that maybe there were people on this forum who have had experiences of Music Therapy and could give me some of their thoughts and feelings about it, whether good or bad and if the treatment has worked. Any information would be great. I look forward to having some feedback. Thanks a lot!

Joe Warden
test moving - 8 July

Hello Joe, the Musicophilia book by Oliver Sacks has some interesting info on this. Have you contacted Nordoff Robbins too, to see if they work with Parkinson’s sufferers?

I work in music provision professionally and my dad has Parkinson’s so I’m curious to know if there might be better ways to put those two things together in a positive way. Best of luck with the dissertation