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my husband had this problem, and it has torn our family apart, he made an inappropriate remark to our daughter in law and now she wont have him in her home and we don't see much of our son or grandchildren, unless i visit on my own, which is difficult leaving my husband.

He has had his medication changed and every thing is back to normal in connection with his behavior. I did explain to my son that is was his medication which triggered off this action, and he has read up on it, but as far as my daughter in law is concerned things are still the same.

I feel very lonely because of this, I am no longer part of their lives as i would want to be.

hi chestnut,welcome to puk forum,im ali been dx for 11 years im 42 years old:smile:im very sorry bout wot has happinined with in ur family,as you most probs aware that meds can do alsorts of things to a pd sufferer,least ur son is readin up on the meds now,wot they can do to far as ur daughter in law all i can say is i really hope time will heal,and may be also ur sone can convince her along with u that the drugs did this to ur hubby.has ur hubby tryed to say sorry for his outburst at all,or has it gone to far he not allowed to go do that either?i feel for you very much and aslo ur hubby to,but i think time ,its wot it needs.i no that may not help you now,and im sorry it all i can think of,but i wish u luck,and please do keep us posted.maybe it worth printin off some info about the meds he was on and let daughter in law look at them.and let see wot happins then ,may be?:smile:
Hello Chestnut and welcome. I understand your pain, as do many others on this forum, DA medication has for some people had devastating effects upon their lives.

I am so sad to hear that your daughter in law is unable to see that the meds were to blame for you husbands behavior, perhaps you might ask your son to steer her toward this part of the forum. She may just think that you are trying to excuse you husbands behavior, if she see's for herself that others, including myself have had similar problems, she might just begin to understand.

It must be very difficult for people who haven't had these experiences to understand that at the time of taking the DA's we are not in control of our usual selves. I was completely out of control and my lovely husband is till paying a very high price for my out of control behaviors. I sometimes wonder why he stayed because we are still 'cleaning' up the aftermath some 13 years on.

I do hope that you will be able to change your daughter in laws way of thinking, grandchildren are very precious, as are families and children should never, never be used as a toll to punish somebody. As a retired children's social worker I can vouch for this implicitly, her withholding access to her child's grandfather will come back to bite her at some point...for sure.

Thank you so much for your support, I just wish when my husband was given this medication that they said about the possible side effects, then one could see how this progresses and do something before it has a devastating effect.

I live in hope that one day my daughter in law will see how his is destroying my husband, and our family.

But once again thank you so much for your comfort and support.

regards chestnut
I took mirapexin for seven years the compulsive disorders crept up on me over a period of 3 years. Hyper spending, binge eating and hyper sexuality. My eating would be at night I would go to extreme lengths to hide the evidence, lie and deny everything. The Spending also made me devious I would wait for the postman to come get, and sort through the post, shred the bank statements so my wife would not know what I was spending, this caused a great deal of tension and mistrust between my wife and I. Hyper sexuality made my drive for sex move into areas of internet adult sex. The need to chat with a member of the opposite sex seeking gratification through erotic internet chat was very high. When I stopped mirapexin these problems did not diminish immediately. One strange effect was the ability to climax and ejaculate stopped. No matter what I tried I could not undo this very frustrating effect.
May be of interest:

And this:

My dear Chestnut,

Hello and welcome to the forum. I can relate to your stress. My brother was like your husband and sad to say was taken to court for inappropriate behavior because of the effects of DA drugs. He lost his wife and children who are afraid of their Dad. Like your daughter in law my SIL could and still can't come to terms with the fact it was the drugs. No matter how we all tried to educate her made no difference to the mind set they had. Your DIL is most likely frightened to death just now and I hope she does read posts on here to try make her see that the drugs made you husband that way. Luckily you husband is off the nasty drugs and back to his old self, I hope given time things will work out for you all.
Welcome Mydon to the forum
I am so pleased to hear that you identified the DAs as the cause of your problems and have begun the journey back to a more normal life.
My husband's life was destroyed by 11 years on these destructive drugs and all your sexual obsessions with the accompanying lying and deceit are very familiar to us.
You are lucky that you have got over their effects so quickly.
My husband had a month in hospital with horrific side efects both physical and mental.
We both still receive psychiatric support 18 months on.Our marriage hangs by a thread and our finances are ruined. Trust is gone.
I wish you all the luck in the world in your future life.
What I wish for the drug companies who knowingly inflict this horror on people already suffering, for their own financial gain, is too awful to write.
Love GG
Good morning, Chestnut.

Picking up where I left off. Consultants have been prescribing Dopamine Agonists (DAs) for PD since the back end of the last century, and for those patients who aren't susceptible to their OCD side effects the improvements the DAs have made to their lives have really been tremendous.

Furthermore not only do the DAs vastly improve life quality for most "Parkies", but their early introduction allows the alternative Levodopa-based drugs (previously the standard solution) to be held in abeyance for many years. This is key to long-term treatment, as the effectiveness of L-Dopa wears off in time, resulting in the patient needing bigger and bigger quantities to achieve the same effects.

Our big problem, however, is that it came to light after many years of widespread DA use that around 1 in 4 PD patients prescribed DAs are susceptible to the DAs causing OCD side effects to some degree. And that these effects can range in extremes (as well as in patients' abilities to have any control whatsoever over what their minds and bodies are doing) from harmless obsessions like rearranging furniture to life, family, home and career-destroying catastrophe.

In my own case the obsessions centred on libido, gambling and hyperspending, and resulted in me losing the family home, my career and my family (my son, now 23, has refused to have anything to do with me since he was 11). I gambled and frittered away hundreds of thousands of pounds, got into impossible levels of debt and ended up in the Crown Court for fraud. One of the predominant factors in my own case was that I was first put on DAs in 2000, before anything was known about the connection between DAs and OCDs, and by the time it all came to light (c 2003) I was already a lost cause and away with the fairies.

Since that date the drug companies have at least been able to include warnings in the instructions, although amazingly there is still a surprisingly high number of consultant neurologists out there who believe the tales of OCDs are highly exagerrated, or the DAs are simply being used by individuals recreationally, and that all that's needed to resolve the problem is a bit of will power! And amazingly there are still SOME doctors out there practising who haven't even heard of the DA/OCD link at all.

This link shows a BBC TV programme on DAs and gambling broadcast back in 2003, i.e. NINE years ago:

and cases continue to appear in the press from time to time with the emphasis being put on any angle from serious/scientific to scurrilous:

Well, I hope that gives you enough background info to at least make your relatives stop and think. It's perfectly rational and wise for them to put the safety of themselves and the kiddies first in these circumstances: I'd do the same. But they can at least look at what we have here, and perhaps check out a few cases of successful, ordinary folk having their lives torn apart. ON TOP of having PD !!