My husband

my husband can hardly walk, he was diagnosed only one year ago and has gone down hill very rapidly. Was put on 4 siminet a day and this has been changed to stavelo 4 a day. His voice is slurred too and I would like to know if there could ever be an improvement to his condition if the doctors reach the right cocktail of medication. Doctors say it takes time to find the right drugs to suit him and that he should beable to improve his walking. Anyone know if their condition did actually immprove through drugs.

Dear ME

I am very sorry to hear about your husband's rapid decline. For most people with Parkinson's levadopa does work very well, quickly alleviating the symptoms for a period of time but not stopping the underlying disease. I can't comment on your husband's particular situation - perhaps you might want to speak to the PUK helpline when they are open or pd nurse or consultant.
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A number of my PWP friends "went away" for a number of months on the introduction of new meds and gradually came back to us as the regime was tweaked.
I concur with Turnip and suggest that you also chat with your Parkinson's Nurse and your Information Support Worker.
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Wishing you well for 2013

I am new to the Forum and am therefore late in reading your message. But I wanted to respond to one question you posed. Yes, it is possible to improve again. Before I started on meds, my symptoms were worsening fast: awkward gait, no motion of arms when walking, inability to write legibly or use a knife well. When my first PD doctor started me on Mirapex, all of those symptoms except the cutlery problem disappeared! Since then I have added other meds, too, such as Azilect (rasagaline) to slow PD's progress.
Note: I'm in the U.S. and have no idea if these meds have different names in the UK.
My best wishes to you and your husband. J